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Why Did a Top Russian Liberal Racially Slur RT Chief Margarita Simonyan?

A note on chivalry and against the new Russian “Bolshies”

They meet like at cafes and clubs around Moscow, the neo-Bolsheviks bent on becoming legend. In anticipation of the redux of the October revolution of 1917, Moscow is once again impregnated with western fuel, funding, and support for ideas and destructive interests. Once again Russia’s progress must be ground to a halt. Once again Russians on the fringes must be used, like sharp little tools.

Here’s a pistol shot in the direction of the special interests trying to undermine Russia.

<figcaption>Margarita Simonyan - she has run circles around her global competition with a fraction of the resources</figcaption>
Margarita Simonyan - she has run circles around her global competition with a fraction of the resources

I was reading a few moments ago a curious story on the LiveJournal of RT Editor in Chief, Margarita Simonyan. The gist of the story disclosed an apology offered the RT chief by Alexander Baunov, one of Russia's leading liberal voices, a homosexual, and the Chief Editor of the Carnegie Moscow Center, over a Facebook insult which referred to Ms. Simonyan’s ethnicity-nationality and character very inappropriately.

Hooray for the gays

What a piece of work this alleged expert is, pretending not to know that calling the lady a “little Armenian girl” was not intentionally mean. For a reason I cannot fully explain, the barbs and arrows slung toward the head of RT struck me in a strange way.

Baunov’s slings and barbs translated from the Russia are telling:

“A lot of people in the west continue to insist that the main threat to humanity these days is a young Armenian girl Margerita Simonyan and the Sputnik news site.”

Amid the metastasized media insanity spreading in the west, Baunov and the Carnegie connection stuck in my brain like a splinter. I’ll admit my own respect and admiration for Simonyan here, for the sake of clarity. Without infringing on her privacy, I can testify (and prove if need be) of her generosity and kindness to the less fortunate in Russia. That said, this “New Bolshevik” apparition rising in Russia and Europe is the essence of terrifying.

Margarita Simonyan
Margarita Simonyan, the Editor-in-Chief of RT and SputnikBaunov is but one of a cadre of thinkers, researchers, and journalists who would sacrifice anything or anyone to see Vladimir Putin usurped. In the last days the number of zealots rooting for ISIL and terror over the fall of Palmyra is astounding. Digging into Baunov’s past today brings to mind another would-be Bolshevist named Michael Weiss, the Mikhael Khodorkovsky puppet who’s Senior Editor at the Daily Beast.

Not unlike Baunov, Weiss’ reaction to the UNESCO site being retaken by the world’s worst human beings; ISIS Retakes UNESCO Heritage Site Palmyra—So Where Is Putin’s Army Now?”, reveals the symptomatic nature of a dreadful disease recurring. Reading either one of these two, I find myself visualize that mean little kid wringing his hands as the teacher scolds the wrong child for the guilty urchin’s misdeeds. Palmyra, Weiss writes, was lost over cowardice:

“Russian officers stationed at Palmyra, he said, withdrew four days ago; they were then followed by leadership of Assad’s regular army and his militias a day later. All quit the scene because they saw how quickly the few dozen ISIS militants were advancing in their direction, according to al-Homsi.”

Alexander Baunov at the Gaidar Club
Alexander Baunov at the Gaidar ClubRecalling my days of pugilistic pursuits, I cannot help wanting to punch Weiss in his weasel mouth a few times, he is just one of those types who evoke ancient enzymes to awaken. For Baunov’s part though, he is a far more dangerous and nasty character. The expert Voice of America and the other Russophobic media turn to, Baunov roots for the beasts who retook Palmyra in that diatribe against Putin, Simonyan, and against all of us who seek victory over terror.

It is also not surprising to discover Baunov worked for the now defunct Russky Newsweek, and Axel Springer at a point in his career. As for Margarita, she publicly forgave Carnegie and Baunov after the apology. I do not forgive so easily, especially remembering the Russian hero of Palmyra, Aleksandr Prokhorenko (below).

Palmyra hero
Russia pays tribute to Palmyra hero who called in anti-ISIS artillery strike on his own position- Vadim Savitsky / SputnikMean little men are commonplace in all our lives. We have all witnessed those who gloat at misery and injustice, who gnaw at their own hooves out of interior insidiousness. Let hell rein, as long as people like Khodorkovsky, Weiss, or Alexander Baunov can get their way. Where would ousted Russian oligarchs and western Cold War dinosaurs want to instill their ideas, if not at the Gaidar Club, and among the thinkers of the Yegor Gaidar Foundation? It is here we can see the warranted danger from people like Baunov, in their infiltration of the cerebral cafes, their integration with thinkers like Vladimir Schweitzer and Gregory Lukyanov, and the potential influence the new Bolsheviks wield. This is how governments are thrown down you see, from within the legitimate channels of organizations such as the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC).

Why just the other day Baunov and his Carnegie colleague Maxim Samorukov bent the Moscow idea machine on the recent conservative twist in Europe. I’ve not time to lean in on how chameleons are useful in the contra-Putin era, but let’s just say western hegemony has been built by infiltrators and NGOs.

Looking at the YouTube video segment below from the “mind café” Yegor Gaidar Foundation, even the body language is telling. Universal themes and psychologies play out in the interactions non-professional speaking figures enact on the world stage. While the professionals seek body language expert advice for hiding their “tells”, journalists and their academia fellows deny any such need. This is fodder for a follow up report, but a “special” interest group comes to mind (see Russia’s response to Orlando – The Hill). Let me sum up on the insurgents here.

Make no mistake here, these new “Bolshies” bear no idealistic DNA with Lenin or Trotsky. My references to “Neo-Bolshevism refers to the new breed’s rebellious, aggressive, and truculent natures. Their DNA makeup is clinically tied to the socialists in Germany, and the breed of ultra-liberals Obama and Hillary Clinton belong with. What’s ironic for me though, is that tilted logic.

The same administration Baunov, Weiss, the jilted Russian oligarchs and a hundred other special interests proclaim is totalitarian, allows free discussion in the café circuit and in the halls of power? How can this be? If Vladimir Putin were the Czar his detractors claim he is, why aren’t these new Bolsheviks run out of town at the Cossack’s saber points? Instead of killing off or banishing the insurrectionists, Putin’s administration puts these revolutionary thinkers in the same room with the Sergey Lavrovs, the Andrey Fursenkos, the Anatoly Torkunovs, and other trustees of RIAC. Yes, these new “Bolshies” can be allowed to sit right alongside the architects of Russia’s long awaited emergence from an imposed Dark Age.

Margarita Simonyan was gracious in her forgiveness. For my part something my brother once said, something that stung me in fact, rings true here. “Words are like bullets from a gun. Once fired, they cannot be called back”, he told me. So, the “Armenian girl” comment by Baunov was a nasty bullet to wound a nice lady.

If turnabout is fair play, maybe I should fire the “Gay” shot at the Baunov’s head.

Well, are you Alexander?

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