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Who Is the Famous German Who Has Putin as His Translator? (Video)

Attendees at a conference with Vladimir Putin were surprised when the president decided to become a German interpreter 

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Vladimir Putin was engaged in one of his characteristic town hall press conferences when retired high-ranking German politican Willy Wimmer rose to ask a question. Wimmer doesn't speak Russian, but fortunately a Dresden KGB-veteran fluent in German, and current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was there to interpret:

This no doubt must have had people wondering how important this man must be, in order to secure Vladimir Putin's services as his interpreter.

One wonders if it was actually Wimmer who, as related by Ronald Reagan, in the last days of the USSR managed to secure Mikhail Gorbachev's services as his personal driver:

But in all seriousness, in my view Putin once again showed off his great erudition and down-to-earth approach, something rarely seen in other contemprary polticians. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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