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White House Insists Warmonger Obama Has Lived up to Ideals of Nobel Prize

Despite an 8 year record of lying to the world and overseeing the sowing of international chaos and destruction, Josh Earnest says Obama has earned his Nobel Prize

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest cited Obama’s 2009 acceptance speech at the Nobel ceremony, arguing that he successfully used American diplomacy to advance the country’s values around the world.

“I feel confident in telling you that the president feels that he’s lived up to the standard he set up for himself in that speech,” he said.

Earnest cited Obama’s willingness to meet with activists and opposition figures around the world, supporting the cause of peace around the world.

“The president is quite proud of his record,” Earnest replied, despite Obama’s continued commitment to military combat in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as his drone program to wipe out terrorists.

He admitted that although there were doubters that Obama deserved the prize after getting elected president, but they could now look at Obama’s record as president as proof.

“The president is quite proud of his record,” Earnest concluded.

Obama is meeting with the 2016 class of Nobel laureates at the White House later Wednesday afternoon. Singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature, is not attending the meeting, but several other winners are taking the opportunity to meet the president.

Obama met with Dylan in 2012, at a ceremony awarding him the Medal of Freedom.

Source: Breitbart
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