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What the US is Planning for the Christians of Syria & Russia: A Public Plea to Patriarch Kirill

An open letter to the head of the Russian Church, Patriarch Kiril, from an American Christian in New York City

"Already in Syria—the land of St. Paul—we see Christians crucified, mutilated, and beheaded by the score..."

The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time activist for progressive causes, who lives and practices in New York City.

Your Holiness:

On Monday, August 22, 2016, the US Defense Department announced that it was instituting what amounted to a “no-fly zone” over any area in Syria where US military officers are illegally engaged in advising al Qaeda on how to behead the sovereign government of Syria. 

Though the Defense Department spokesman, Captain Jeff (as in Jefferson) Davis, refused to use the term, “no-fly zone”—saying that reporters were free to call it what they wanted—he made clear that the US is prepared to shoot down any Syrian or Russian jet that appears to “threaten”—not “attack,” mind you, but merely “threaten”—any US forces.  From how far away?  That is left unsaid.

The trap is clear.

If Putin “respects” this “no-fly zone,” the US will simply expand it and expand it until it covers the whole of Syria—causing Putin to be seen as “weak” at home and abroad.  Which, in turn, will diminish Russia’s prestige and power as a force for good in the world.  It may even oust Putin from office.

On the other hand, if Putin picks up the gauntlet and a firefight ensues, Hillary may indeed get her war with Russia—for which she lusts like a witch possessed.

False Christians such as she do not care if the streets of Moscow and Damascus run red with the blood of true Christians.  Already in Syria—the land of St. Paul—we see Christians crucified, mutilated, and beheaded by the score.  Christians in the millions fled or dead—we know not which.  Nor do those damned already care.  

There is no way out of this trap for Putin—militarily.

The US elites are nothing if not cunning.  And there is nothing left to them but cunning.  Each is a  charnel house within.

Our only hope is in Christ.  

Christ in the hearts of countless Americans who do not wish to sanction the genocide of millions of Christians in the Middle East and hundreds of millions more in Holy Russia after that as a blasphemous form of Islam metastasizes and spreads—all so these would-be world rulers may see “regime change” in Damascus and Moscow.

This is why I am calling on Your Holiness in this dark night of the soul, to beg and beseech President Putin to fulfill the sacred vow he made to Metropolitan Illarion in your presence during the Presidential election of 2012.  And that was to make the protection of Christians worldwide—and most specially the Christians of Syria and Iraq at this time—one of his major foreign policy goals.  And President Putin answered His Holiness, saying:

“This is how it will be.  Have no doubt.”

Then may God give President Putin the tongues of angels to tell the American people and the entire world the horrific bloodbath that will befall the remaining Christians of that holy land if Clinton and Obama are allowed to help Al Qaeda bring down the lawful government of Syria the way they did the Twin Towers!  It is an abomination in the Eyes of God!

Look at what they did to this poor, frail, diabetic, 12-year-old, Christian boy they grabbed out of a Syrian hospital with an IV still in his arm.

They serve not Allah, but Satan.  As do Clinton and Obama.  

With the Word, not the Sword, President Putin may yet stop them.

Respectfully yours,

William Wedin, Ph.D.



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