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What Does the ‘Russian Aggressor’ Really Want?

Simple answers you will never receive from the Western MSM loonies

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a popular Russian blogger and columnist

Reading about Russia in the Western press is like being in a psychiatric hospital. Having obtained the patients' trust, you now hear typical crazy stories, yet you can’t stop listening:

  • "The aggressive empire”.

  • "Putin's attack on the free world”.

  • "Russia is trying to disrupt the US elections"

  • "Russia is about to occupy the Baltic states"

  • "Russia will unleash a Third World War"

  • "We need to strengthen NATO to show that we are ready to respond to a Russian invasion.”

  • "Putin needs instability in Europe"

  • "Trump is Putin's puppet"

  • "We must unite against the Russian threat"

Actually, when you read these headlines, you begin to feel a sense of pride. If you believe any of it even for a moment you have to think - “Wow, what a formidable country I live in! We can threaten the entire world.” Then you sigh, realizing that this is complete nonsense.

The delirium is particularly surprising that it’s almost verbatim the same propaganda directed at the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

The patients tell you you are wrong. The ‘free world’ is clinically incapable of accepting any Russia, even her most modest interests,.

What does Russia really want?:

  • If not recognition of Crimea, then at least dropping the subject. How many territories in the world have had a special or disputed status for centuries without anyone being particularly concerned?

  • A compromise on Donbass and Syria. Even an unstable, "weak peace" like that of the Bosnian confederation, not exactly a paradise on Earth, but recognized, since more cannot be achieved without a major war.

  • At least a partial lifting of sanctions.

  • Neutral status for Russia's closest neighbors. Not even "friendly" regimes, just reliable neutrals.

  • No more demonization of Russia, and stop trying to meddle in our internal affairs. A calm neutrality towards us, not shouting about a "new Hitler" and a "Russian threat".

  • Trade, gas pipelines, daily political dialogue.

That's all. That's the entire list of horrible things aggressive Russia demands. It looks pretty modest, doesn’t it? A defensive, conservative plan to keep the status quo in a more or less peaceful state.

But reality is boring. Madmen going on about an "aggressive empire" and "a third world war" - are more fun.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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