What Do Trump and Clinton Share but Lack?

CLASS! In that both belong to the Upper Class. And both only serve the interests of their class--whatever they may tell their "deplorable" voters. Yet neither is a Class Act like Vladimir Putin--the strong but compassionate, true Christian President of Russia.

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Old friends
Old friends

Trump and Clinton both belong to the Upper Class. They move in the same circles. Their daughters, Chelsea and Ivanka, are best friends.

So when The Donald invited the Clintons to his lavish wedding reception at his lavish Mar-a-Lago estate in 2005--this time with Melania as his bride--of course, ever social-climbing Hillary leaped at the chance and dragged Bill along.

Just look at Hillary's utterly enraptured smile as The Donald regales Bill with how he groped Melania the first time they met. Do you know how much a man must be worth for Hillary to smile at him like that?

I'm joking, of course. [He could be worth a million less; and she'd still smile like that.]

Honestly, though, this photo did shock me a little. For it made me realize--not for the first time, to be sure, but with singular intensity--that Clinton and Trump really DO belong to the same Club--the same Class. The Upper Class.

And one of the perks of being in that Class is that unless you're a Bernie Madoff and actually confess to a crime (out of belated "Jewish" guilt that was so déclassé!), you will never go to jail. Not if you're Donald Trump, you won't.

And not if you're Hillary Clinton. Nope!

Not even if you've committed the most fragrant of felonies.

And Trump himself has led huge rallies of "deplorables" against you, shouting:

"Lock 'er up! Lock 'er up!"

As soon as the election was over, Trump announced that haggard Hillary had "suffered enough." And that was that.


Come on. Trump wasn't going to lock up the mother of Ivanka's best friend. Not after the "poor woman" had spent $1.2 billion against Trump's measly $600 million to defeat him--and lost!

Losing money like that has gotta hurt!

Imagine if you lost money like that!

But these people are paupers compared to the Arab Royal Families who contribute to the Clinton Foundation and buy Trump out of bankruptcies to the tune of millions.

Just as these Royal Families who actually own their oil-rich emirates and kingdoms bought up George Bush Jr's failing oil businesses back in the 1980's so George could follow his father clear to the Presidency.

And what did these Royal Families want from Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, the newly-rich Obama, and Donald Trump, in return?

Only war against Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Iran. And the "cleansing" of all Christians and Shiite Muslims from these lands.

Trump may have raged against Muslims to those "deplorables" whom he and Hillary and their Upper Class so deplore.

But since his election, Trump has done exactly what these Arab Royal Families have wanted of him. The travel ban. The Yemeni raid. The Syria reversal. The Tomahawk missile attack.

And Trump has just begun.


And then there is Vladimir Putin. And here's my very favorite shot of him, talking to a little boy who's gotten so, so tired from standing at a long, long Russian Orthodox service that he's just... well... sat down... right there... while his mother in the pink sweater tries to ignore him.

So what does Vladimir Putin--that Monster of Evil--do? He kneels down and talks to this lonely little boy who so needs a father right now. And in that one single simple gesture of loving understanding--in my professional judgment--Putin gives the lie to all the ugly charges that have been hurled at him.

In kneeling down in tender compassion like that, Putin shows real class.

Dr. William Wedin is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time human rights activist who lives and practices in New York City. If you have specific information to offer him on this topic, please write him at: drwilliamwedin@gmail.com

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