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West Wants to Destroy Traditional Values in Macedonia, Sabotage Russia's Pipeline Plans

Andrew Korybko argues that besides economic and political, there are ideological reasons for the aggression of the West against Macedonia, aimed to:

  • destroy conservative traditional values in the local society
  • sabotage Russia’s Balkan Stream pipeline plans using opposition parties
  • cause unrest and instability using a number of NGOs on the Soros payroll

This is an excerpt from a longer interview of Andrew Korybko, a prominent political analyst and Russia Insider contributor.

Translation from the Oriental Review. Original article appeared on May 16th on the Macedonian website “Net Press”.

<figcaption>Macedonia, a new hotspot</figcaption>
Macedonia, a new hotspot

Q1: The failed coup, the publishing of the illegally wiretapped phone records, the protests, and the terrorist attack is a strategy created and supported by the opposition, the Soros NGO's, and some western powers in order for Macedonia to withdraw from Turkish Stream Russian pipeline. What are the details from the dark scenario that they had in mind?

Andrew Korybko: The main strategy is to overthrow the government using a Color Revolution, but if that doesn’t work, then they plan on introducing an Unconventional War modeled off of the Syrian template. We already see the beginning of the second strategy with the terrorist attack in Kumanovo, which they staged in order to try to instigate the Albanians to break away from the democratically elected and legitimate government.

They hope to stain the Albanians’ reputation by affiliating them with this terrorism in order to incite ethnic and religious tensions on both sides. If the combination of Color Revolution and Unconventional War doesn’t succeed in overthrowing the government, then they hope that the resultant chaos can create a pretext for a formal military intervention by NATO. This could see Albania occupy the ethnic Albanian areas of Western Macedonia under a false ‘humanitarian intervention’, ’responsibility to protect’, or ’anti-terrorism’ guise or a more unified NATO intervention between both Albania and Bulgaria, the latter of which have sent troops to the border ostensibly to deal with ‘refugees’.

The end game of this entire destabilization is to remove Macedonia’s patriotic and internationally recognized government, change the constitutional name of the country, possibly federalize or partition the state (maybe even between both Albania and Bulgaria, with the EU/NATO supporting Sofia’s occupation as a ‘reward’ for rejecting South Stream), and ultimately sabotage Russia’s Balkan Stream pipeline plans.

Q2: But obviously, something in Macedonia is not working out for them. Besides the timely and decisive moves from the top state officials, it seems that they are also failing mostly thanks to the wisdom of the citizens, both Macedonian and Albanian, who realized what kind of scenario is going on, who the directors are, who is telling the truth, and who is telling lies. Yet, it is naive to think they will give up like that and open the way for the Turkish stream. What can we expect next?

AK: Macedonia can certainly expect more violent provocations since the US will not give up its plans that easily. I commend all Macedonians for their calm and peaceful reaction to the existing provocations, and especially extend my respect to the Albanian population for thus far avoiding the externally directed temptation of Greater Albania. But, I do see the West increasing their pressure on all Macedonians, especially ethnic Albanians, in order to try to split society.

We already see international (Western) diplomatic interventions through the biased statements by the EU, NATO, and the joint statement of the US, EU, France, UK, and Italy, essentially laying equal blame to the security forces for the terrorist attack! The method behind their madness is to create a pretext for sanctions against the people of Macedonia that are designed to decrease their living standards and economic growth (which was stronger than the Eurozone’s last year) so that they feel pressured to join the Color Revolutionaries or ethnic terrorists.

However, I’m very worried that the US will initiate false-flag violence in Skopje like they did with the snipers in Kiev in order to accelerate the country’s destabilization. Everything comes down to 17 May [anti-government protests] and the forthcoming Color Revolution, coup attempt. I feel that this day is setting itself up to go down in Macedonian history either as the day the destabilizers were defeated or the day Macedonia was thrown into full chaos.

There is just too much Western media coverage on the upcoming event right now for Washington to not throw all of its resources into making it a regime change ‘success’, although I predict that the majority of Macedonians will continue to resist the external war being waged on their country with the same devotion and heroism as their Syrian counterparts.

Q3: It is almost funny to see how some of the pro- western media have absolute bias in their reports, pointing fingers, publishing statements or interviews only from the opposition and Soros activists and making cheap and pathetic spins. Is it coincidence that most of this media seem to be coming from the US, Germany and Britain, and a few from the region that are financed by Soros?

AK: No, it’s not a coincidence because these are the same political forces fighting against Macedonia. I’d like to emphasize the hostile political nature of these entities because their economic interests are naturally aligned to Balkan Stream, as is the case with Germany and the entire EU as a whole, for example. However, the US-controlled political forces oppose Balkan Stream due to Washington’s pressure in the New Cold War, and if they want to retain power and not be ousted via their own manipulated ‘wiretapping scandal’, political putsch, or Color Revolution, then they must abide by whatever the US says.

And one more thing – these Western actors are supports of hyper liberalism and have tried to destroy the same religious-conservative values in their own country that Prime Minister Gruevski and VMRO are trying to reinforce and promote in Macedonia, so they also have ideological reasons for their information aggression as well. Zaev is cut from the same cloth as these Western politicians and aims to enforce a hyper liberal model on Macedonia that would do away with all of the values-based successes of the past decade.

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