Baghdad Issues Ultimatum After Turkish Army Moves Into Iraq Uninvited

Baghdad demands Turkish withdrawal after Ankara sends hundreds of troops into Iraq as part of a 'training' mission


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

First, a bit of background: On Friday, several hundred Turkish soldiers were deployed to "provide training for Iraqi troops in an area near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul." It's only in the sixth paragraph of Reuters' report that we learn the following: 

A statement from the Iraqi prime minister's media office confirmed that Turkish troops numbering "around one armed battalion with a number of tanks and cannons" had entered its territory near Mosul without request or permission from Baghdad authorities. It called on the forces to leave immediately.

<figcaption>NATO goes where it wants to go.</figcaption>
NATO goes where it wants to go.

(By the way, Reuters ran the story under the headline "Turkish soldiers training Iraqi troops near Mosul: sources." Because the fact that they were there without invitation is not "newsworthy," right?)

Baghdad has now issued an ultimatum to Ankara, in which it has given Turkey 48 hours to withdraw all Turkish armed forces, excluding "advisors" that were previously invited to help Iraqi forces fight ISIS. 

The Iraqi government has even warned that it would bring a formal complaint to the U.N. Security Council if its (completely reasonable) request isn't met. 

Turkey insists it has entered Iraq legally and with the consent of the Iraqi government. 

Who are you going to believe? The Iraqi government, or Turkey, claiming that the Iraqi government said something different? Life is full of difficult choices!

Also, good luck finding a New York Times op-ed about "Turkish aggression in Iraq". Ha ha. 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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