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We should Not Forgive Erdogan!

Two famous Russian writers call on their compatriots to continue to boycott Turkey even if politicians make peace

Eduard Limonov on Erdogan’s repentance:

Imagine! Erdogan apologized for shooting-down Russian military aircraft!

Erdogan made up with Russia with a mumbled apology in a personal letter to the President.

Smart people say that Erdogan mumbled his apology to draw the attention of the United States. The Turk thought, “I’ll take a walk holding hands with my new fiancée (Russia) so that my former —the US — sees us, and maybe she will become jealous. Because the US forgot about Turkey and is hanging out with good-for-nothing Kurds (“I’m making out with a beautiful girl! I always wanted  a girl like this!”)

And here’s what another serious author, Zakhar Prilepin, had to say:

I’m concerned with only one thing in relation to Erdogan.  Are you seriously going to rush to vacation in Turkey as if everything is fine?

This guy killed our pilots, our compatriots. He should have apologized, but not like this. Rather by beating his breast and crying his heart out, and with his left hand giving extravagant gifts to the families of those who died and the Russian people.

Russians: be arrogant, or they won’t respect you. He only mumbled three words, and you are rushing to the beaches. Damn you!

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