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Russia Left Syria to Curry Favor With West

Russia should have gone in to win, not to seek a seat back at the West's table


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a famous Russian writer and eхtreme left-wing political activist

First of all let’s think about the reason why we came to Syria: not to win, as it now seems, otherwise we wouldn’t have left before doing so. Besides, we used limited force: you can’t beat ISIS with 50 planes.

<figcaption>"This behavior is absolutely improper: people start wars to win"</figcaption>
"This behavior is absolutely improper: people start wars to win"

I was really disappointed, although I should have expected this kind of trick.  

It’s amoral to start a war just to gain authority and acceptance back into the world community. People have always started wars to win, but we just made a little noise, lost a few lives and left.

We got a few rewards: ruble and oil are increasing, and our friendship with America is growing stronger, slowly but steadily. We achieved our goal of being accepted back into high society, and reconciliation is under way.  

What immorality, to be still currying favor with the West!  

There was a TV discussion on whether Putin would be able to keep his cult reputation in Syria. I’m sure it won’t be for long.

In world news, Syrian Kurds formed an autonomous region called Syrian Kurdistan or Rojava in the town of Ramilan (which by the way has the largest Syrian oil deposits).

Apparently their goal is to join forces with Iraqi Kurdistan, which became an autonomous region long ago, creating Greater Kurdistan. Actually, Syrian Kurds fear a Turkish invasion.   (Meanwhile Erdogan is ranting and raving: he knows that Turkey is about to be torn to pieces after Syria.)  Syrian Kurdistan opened a diplomatic mission in Moscow and will probably be present at the negotiations in Geneva, thanks to Moscow.

Without ending the Donbass conflict, making amends via humanitarian assistance; giving up the conflict in Syria, leaving them with Putin portraits (plus, humanitarian assistance – soap, cereal and macaroni products, that’s a comfort!), will they also leave Syrian Kurdistan out in the cold at some point in the future?

This behavior is absolutely improper: people start wars to win.

I have the impression that Russian leaders are working side-by-side with the US, not against them, having learned to pursue a devastating and amoral strategy: come to a country with military assistance, then cut it adrift, leaving a blazing whorehouse behind.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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