Watch Putin Handle Corruption Like a BOSS (Video)

When the Russian president's BS meter goes off, he cuts through it like no one else 

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There's no denying that Russia is a country with endemic corruption problems. "Something extra" sometimes needs to be paid to officials to get things done. Getting a driver's license or an academic degree often requires paying a bribe in addition to (or in some cases, in lieu of) passing your exams. Money often disappears from national and local budgets without reaching what it was intended for. 

These problems are not unique to Russia. But what is unique to Russia is Vladimir Putin. While no one man can solve such an enormous problem on his own, whenever Putin discovers impropriety, he spares no effort to get to the bottom of it and deal with those involved - publicly if necessary. 

What follows is a selection of clips of Vladimir Putin stamping out incompetence and calling out corrupt officials for their BS like only he can. Just watch as inept officials panic, squirm, and make pathetic excuses for their failures...but the boss simply ain't buying it.

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