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Watch John McCain Lie About What Is Going on in Syria (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

What makes John McCain tick continues to baffle observers.

Putin has volunteered that he is missing a few marbles due to his long captivity in Vietnam.  

<figcaption>He's completely shameless</figcaption>
He's completely shameless

Conspiracy theorist argue that he is a an asset of Israeli intelligence, citing his marriage to a Jewish mobster family from Arizona, and his comically knee-jerk hollering in favor of anything that benefits Israel.

Conservatives hate him because pretends to be conservative, but isn't at all on social issues.

Who knows where the truth lies, but one thing is sure, the man is a menace.

In this installment, he lies about the civilian casualties, telling Fox News that he is "sure" this is a valid story, when it had been already called out as untrue all over the free world, lies that Russia is hitting nice democratic rebels instead of terrorists, and then argues for shooting down Russian planes.

This is not stupidity and not political manouvering.  We can't quite figure out is what motivates this man.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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