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Watch Bill Browder Heap Scorn on 'Russians' in Senate Testimony

"In Putin's Russia, there are no good guys" - Browder in testimony

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Browder is the poster boy for what is wrong with US attitudes towards Russia. Since being unceremoniously booted out of Russia several years ago, the previous hedge fund manager has dedicated his life to mounting blistering attacks on Putin's Russia, leading many observers to speculate that he works for the CIA.  Who else would bother with these theatrics?  Russian television made a whole show discussing the possibility.

This little video compilation is nothing short of extraordinary.  At one point there is a back and forth between Browder and Richard Blumenthal, the senator from Connecticut, both of whom are Jewish, about how 'evil' Putin is.  Blumenthal has been one of the loudest drum-bangers on Russia-gate.

<figcaption>"Russians are pathological liars"</figcaption>
"Russians are pathological liars"

Yesterday we published an excellent in-depth article by Robert Parry investigating why Browder is frantically trying to suppress a documentary film made about him. The article also discusses this extraordinary Senate testimony:

"last week, Senate Judiciary Committee members sat in rapt attention as hedge-fund operator William Browder wowed them with a reprise of his Magnitsky tale and suggested that people who have challenged the narrative and those who dared air the documentary one time at Washington’s Newseum last year should be prosecuted for violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA)."

After the compilation of Browder's vitriol, there are some excerpts from the Russian television documentary.  Worth checking out.

And so it goes at the seat of American power.

I recently looked in on a town hall meeting with Senator Blumenthal held in a large southern Connecticut church.  The gothic house of worship was packed to the gills with concerned suburban housewives and their cuckish male companions, husbands and what not, your basic Hillary crowd, and the good senator did a lot of tub-thumping about how Trump had been installed by the Russians, and that he would personally get to the bottom of it.

The crowd lapped it up. The rapt attendees sent him on his way a hero.

And so it goes in the American suburban hinterlands.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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