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Washington Cracks Down on Kiev: Feds Bust Ukrainian Weapons Smuggling Ring

A Ukrainian national has been arrested in New York for "illegally exporting controlled military technology" to his Right Sector friends back in Ukraine

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This is interesting — and probably well overdue:

A friendly, democracy-loving Right Sector member
A friendly, democracy-loving Right Sector member

Earlier today, Volodymyr Nedoviz, a lawful permanent resident of the United States and citizen of Ukraine, was arrested on federal charges of illegally exporting controlled military technology from the United States to end-users in Ukraine. Federal agents also executed a search warrant at a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania location that was used in connection with Nedoviz’s illegal scheme.

Who is Volodymyr Nedoviz? A kind Ukrainian trying to live the American Dream by selling military-grade gear to under-equipped Ukrainian soldiers?




(The slight difference in name spelling is a translation error.)

Ah, so Volodymyr is a Right Sector goon.

That changes everything. He must be released immediately. Washington needs to understand that these Ukrainian patriots are above the law.

In an article from July 2015, Nicolai Petro explains:

In the current crisis, Yarosh argues that the Right Sector’s mandate comes from the “will of the Ukrainian people” which transcends that of any government.

Asked to explain why members of the Right Sector retain their weapons despite current law, Yarosh explains that his soldiers obtained their weapons before the law was passed, and that, in any case, since the laws of Ukraine are not being enforced, his personnel have every right to ignore them and to defend themselves.

Responding to President Petro Poroshenko’s pledge that “no political force will be allowed to have its own military,” the official press spokesman for the Right Sector, Artyom Skoropadsky, explained that the president was only referring to “illegal military formations.” Since the Right Sector is not illegal, his words obviously do not apply.

Why is Washington punishing European values?

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