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Wars for Israel, Mass Immigration, Sodomy: Republican Boy-Wonder Charlie Kirk Gives the People What They Want

Charlie Kirk is the frontman for Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a non-profit organization that focuses on pushing the positions of the Republican party's elite on the young. So, as you'd expect, Kirk is a big fan of Israel, immigration and the gay agenda. 

But Kirk has been getting push-back. His most recent speaking event turned into a debacle when nationalists took over the question-and-answer session to force Kirk to explain why he and other apologists for the establishment keep betraying their constituents.

National Justice, a new third-positionist website, takes a look at TPUSA and where its money is coming from.

Charlie Kirk's college campus tour on behalf of TPUSA has been a disaster. When asked about Israel, immigration, or the lineup of sexual deviants and token minorities paid to sell TPUSA's Zionist neo-liberal message, Kirk is reduced to a memorized, unconvincing script. 

The question is: why is Kirk, an emissary of rapacious plutocracy, now the young face of the 2016 populist insurrection lifted to victory by white working people to begin with? 

John Judis, who has studied and analyzed populist movements in US history, has dubbed Trump voters: "Middle American Radicals." This demographic has, from the Populist Party all the way to Pat Buchanan's 1992 run, long been critical of foreign wars, finance, globalization and immigration. Republicans and Democrats have consistently coopted and destroyed their energy in electoral pumps, only to subsequently ignore them after taking power. Trump was able to jump the barriers other populist leaders failed to thanks to his will power and bombastic sincerity (he has held most of the same positions he ran on in 2016 since the 1980s), but three years into his presidency, he appears to have been fully reigned in.

The Republican party's only major achievement with total control of the Congress and Executive Office was to pass an unpopular tax cut for the wealthy so that they could buy back their stocks. Trump's administration is believed to have another one in the works.

When it comes to Israel policy, Trump has appointed a team of literal West Bank settlers to represent America as negotiators for his "deal of the century" to Palestinians: $50 billion dollars, a large chunk which would be financed by the US taxpayer, to put down their arms and give up the fight for their land. The Palestinians naturally laughed at the proposal.

Recently, the Trump administration's Department of Education, run by billionaire GOP donor Betsy DeVos, decided to set a petty new precedent in federal micromanagement by forcing professors at Duke University to make their courses pro-Israel.    

Trump has done very little on immigration, but flip-flops on the issue in his discourse today. Sometimes he supports a Canadian-style "legal" immigration system (Canada's current immigration system ensures it will become minority white sooner than America), then he backs off when he realizes the election is approaching. 2019 Trump is not as clear as 2016 Trump on the matter that got him elected, to say the least.      

All in all, Trump's presidency lines up well with TPUSA's agenda. Trump has even been lining up his message with theirs, with the president repeatedly declaring that "America will never be a socialist country."

When conservatives attack socialism, what they're attacking is the idea of the state intervening against plutocratic excess on behalf of average citizens. The 2008 TARP Wall Street bailouts, supported by majorities of Republicans and Democrats, have been calculated to cost anywhere from $16 trillion to $25 trillion - the largest state intervention in an economy in human history.  After this, it's hard to believe anyone still has the nerve to tout the "free market." Since the bailouts, the banks have only gotten bigger and more exploitive, especially since they now know they will be rewarded rather than jailed. 

TPUSA's Money 

Libertarianism, sodomy, Zionism and mass demographic replacement are not intuitive or popular political positions, as TPUSA's question and answer sessions show. This is a fusion of interests conservative leaders represent in Washington produced by a small minority of people using politics to line their pockets or help their tribe rule the world, thus nullifying votes from the GOP "base." 

Trump has no choice but to acquiesce to the repulsive vision promoted by TPUSA because their benefactors are also his and the GOP party machine.

Bernie Marcus 

Bernard Marcus, the billionaire Zionist super-racist who owns Home Depot, is a prominent TPUSA donor believed to be one of the people behind Charlie Kirk's 501(c)(4) dedicated specifically to getting Ilhan Omar voted out.  

Marcus provided one of the largest individual donations to the Trump campaign in 2016, $7 million dollars in total, and spends even more on Republicans in congress. Marcus has announced that he plans to give much more to Trump in 2020. He is a dual-citizen who rails against "socialism" and criticism of Israel on American college campuses. 

Richard Uihlein 

Richard Uihlein, owner of Uline Shipping, is a robber-baron in the American tradition. He has invested tens of millions of dollars in Republican politicians so that they will give his company tax giveaways and bust labor unions, which he pretends is a political ideology." 

Uihlein is another TPUSA megadonor. In 2016, Uihlein donated $2 million dollars to block Donald Trump's election, but today has warmed to the president. He has already deposited a seven-figure check into Trump's 2020 campaign. 

The Casino Jews 

Mike Leven, another Zionist activist bankrolling TPUSA, sits on the organization's advisory council. Leven made his money as the number two at Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Sands - a Jewish gambling operation, and is broadly seen as a representative of Adelson's will. 

Adelson is currently the most important and influential donor in the Republican party. His massive influence is used to dictate president Trump's policies, primarily on Middle East affairs, but increasingly on trade. Adelson was able to compel Trump to roll back his administration's hard stance on trade with China after it began to eat into the profits of Jewish gambling interests in Macau.  

Leven, Bernie Marcus, Adelson, et al, appear to come and go as a group (Leven has worked for Marcus as well), which allows Jewry to get the last say in conservative chokepoints. 

Foster Friess 

Wyoming-based Foster Friess, who made his fortune through speculation and "asset management," is a confirmed TPUSA patron. Like Uihlein, he is mostly interested in engaging with politics to protect and advance his personal business interests. 

Trump campaigned on closing the carried interest tax loophole people like Friess rely on to keep their edge in the economy, but has thus far not made good on this promise and it's not hard to see why. Friess gave Trump $100,000 in 2016 and gives much more to the GOP as a whole. Trump reciprocated by endorsing the hedge fund manager's failed attempt to buy the Governorship in Wyoming in 2018, where he lost in the primary and embarrassed the president. 

There are numerous other megadonors who fit the mold of the above.

Charlie Kirk does not exist in a vacuum. He is nothing more than a peddler dispatched to sell policies the Republican party and even Trump have already settled on to voters that don't want them. While directly discrediting the zombie of Reaganism, TPUSA, as soon as they show their faces in public is a solid tactic, a wider debate leveraging Middle American Radicals' only power in America's plutocracy - a reliable GOP vote - must accompany it.  

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