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Want More Mass Shootings? Keep Cracking Down on Free Speech

If you refuse people any outlet for free expression, some of them will resort to violence

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Contrary to popular opinion, mass shootings by right-wingers are not being driven by Donald Trump’s sometimes obnoxious political rhetoric. One of the principal drivers, if not the principal driver, of right-wing terrorism in recent years is, ironically, the political left itself. The left-wing US power structure’s illiberal crackdown on rightist dissent has left too many on the right reeling, rage-filled, and feeling that they have no way to influence society other than by violence.

This is actually not all that controversial a claim. A European study from 2016 found precisely this. The more European governments censored and repressed controversial rightist dissidents, the more radicalized and violent rightist dissidents became. What’s more, this finding is probably universalizable to any marginalized, repressed group. When you tell someone they have no place in civilized society and no role in your democracy, which the left tells those on the right all the time, you can’t rightly be surprised or upset when those people spurn both democracy and civilized conduct. There will always be people who think differently after all, even if the increasingly Stalinistic regressive left would prefer the world wasn’t this way. Cracking down on ideas bigots and zealots don’t approve of, doesn’t actually change minds. More importantly, however, by letting people air their grievances with words, we can reduce the likelihood that they air those grievances with bullets.

Mind you, everyone who feels silenced and repressed by the left’s (and especially Big Tech’s) war on free speech will not pick up a weapon and shoot up a Walmart, but more censorship and abuse (whether through the uneven application of online user agreements or because ideological discrimination is inbuilt to those user agreements) equals more radicalized Americans. That is what the statistics tell us. If Mitch McConnell is being censored on social media, just imagine what is being done to ordinary folks on the right, with no microphone, with no money, with no political clout.

As but one example, Twitter’s ban on “hateful conduct” is so broad and ill-defined that it can be used as a basis to bowdlerize virtually any rightist content and ban virtually any rightist speaker at virtually any time. People have a fundamental need to influence their surroundings, to play a role in shaping their own destinies. If you take away the peaceful means millions of Americans possess to influence their future and to partake in their own democracy, some of them will invariably adopt less peaceful means to get their message across. It is quite impossible to rationally expect anything different. Combine this factor with other factors, like the impending minoritization of the white race in America, the complete collapse of the middle class, and the disintegration of the family unit, along with various other community-producing social institutions, and you have the perfect atmospheric conditions for a right-wing terrornado outbreak.

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There are many facets to the political left’s war on free expression, but if there is a main front in that war, it is the left’s fervent, enduring campaign to crush any and all meaningful pro-white advocacy, to prevent whites from defending their interests in any way whatsoever. The mere idea of whites getting some real political representation in America is something the white-haters on the left simply can not entertain, let alone countenance, in their paltry, petty minds. Even most so-called conservatives seem to be quite fine with Big Tech routinely censoring anyone with a pro-white political orientation. Common conservatives, for their part, may be right that in an ideal world identity politics would not exist, much like laws forbidding discrimination would not exist (laws which are clearly needed to combat Big Tech’s war on free speech). Nevertheless, we don’t live in an ideal world. Our world is very much a fallen one. In this world, pro-white advocacy is at least as morally defensible as other forms of racial advocacy. Yet in polite company, simply saying something vaguely positive about whites as a group is considered unpardonable, despite the countless historical accomplishments of the white race. This fact by itself constitutes substantial indirect evidence that whites are in dire need of advocates and advocacy in contemporary America.

Most whites know demographic trends do not bode well for them. Numerical minorities are generally treated poorly by societies. Minority groups have been given preferable treatment in every sector of American society for the last fifty years or so, but that is an aberration historically, unheard of really. Things were obviously very different in America before that. Given current trends, including the prevailing attitudes of incoming immigrants, the viciously anti-white orientation of many American institutions (the mainstream media and academia in particular), and the state of the law and legal protections (and a lack thereof for whites), there is absolutely no reason to think whites will be treated well by a future non-white majority. If anything, we should expect additional redistributive schemes, an even stronger antipathy toward white interests and white suffering emanating from the US power structure, and the manifold Marxist egalitarian measures already in place to become even more discriminatory and oppressive, in a majority-minority America.

What’s more, as white numbers have dwindled in parts of America, so has conservative political power, conspicuously at that. Conservatives have effectively zero political power inCalifornia and New York, and conservative Texans may only be a decade or two away from finding themselves in a like circumstance. The political right believes moral posturing will save it from political obsolescence. It won’t. The left, on the other hand, understands that demographics are destiny, and smells blood in the water. It knows the more third worlders it lets into America, the more power will it acquire for itself. We are watching the whole of America be Californicated, Californication being the first step of Venezuelization. There may very well be tent cities in Rapid City’s future.

The left is horrifyingly close to complete national political domination. Thus, Democrat presidential candidates are pressing down hard on the open borders pedal by calling for the complete closure of detention facilities and the decriminalization of border crossings. Meanwhile, Big Tech is escalating its war on peaceful white resistance. White Americans know that the Cultural Marxists at the helm are salivating to deliver a fatal blow to white America. The political left’s true designs are now something of an open secret. Political Correctness mandates that we not say it, but everyone knows the left’s intentions for white America are anything but benevolent. Yet if you simply point out perfectly evident truths such as this, a barrage of bizarre accusations will be flung your way. You will be called a hater and a fascist and a white supremacist and a terrorist and a conspiracy theorist. The modern left’s spurious definitions of these bugbears are so broad and so distinct from their traditional meanings, that there can be little doubt the majority of everyday conservatives now fall within their parameters.

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A number of astute minds have hypothecated that Islam’s global lurch toward terror and fanaticism in recent decades is at least in part an irrational, albeit perfectly natural, reaction to modernity (the advance of science and reason, the opening up of markets, and increased global access to information via the internet). Yet could not something similar be said of contemporary leftism? As a great many leftist experiments have failed and a great many leftist ideals have collapsed, as white, Western people have increasingly begun to reject the left’s many lies, from race to sex to morality to climate hysteria, the left has unsurprisingly lashed out.

Interestingly, a peculiar paradox inheres in these insights. Right as the left is gearing up to assume complete political control over America, leftism, as an idea system, is crumbling inexorably. The left is therefore experiencing a rather profound crisis of confidence. Tragically and ironically, the most common human reaction to a crisis of this sort is denial, entrenchment, and recommitment, which is what we see. In other words, the leftist power structure is vigorously flexing its illiberal muscles at the present moment precisely because it is so unsure of itself. Many powerful leftists have also rather predictably come to assume an aura of infallibility in recent years, such that many of our leaders (corporate, political, and intellectual) now view any dissent to their wanton misrule as inherently illegitimate. We are witnessing an irrational reaction by irrational people to a loss of social credit and cachet, a loss of faith in their own rightness and goodness, and to societal trends that disfavor them. This phenomenon likely explains, at least partially, why leftist politicians and policies in many Democrat-dominated states have gotten more radical and deranged even as social and economic conditions there have deteriorated markedly.

Furthermore, since the political left no longer has data or reason behind it, force is all it has left to protect its ideas and ideals, and it has plenty of that to fall back on, rest assured. That is what is really inducing ordinary Americans to do irrational things born of exasperation, namely the ceaseless illegitimate use of force by warped leftists in power, who are hellbent on crushing any real democratic opposition. The actual cause of the uptick in right-wing mass shootings is rage coupled with a sense of powerlessness in America, ordinary folks feeling they have little meaningful political representation (quite true), and fewer and fewer means to rectify things peaceably and democratically (also quite true, thanks to the left’s ongoing war on speech). Nonetheless, rather than alleviate that pressure, the authoritarian modern left appears to want to increase it. These self-proclaimed warm-hearted, open-minded, tolerant folks appear to enjoy kicking their fellow Americans in the muzzle when they are insufficiently meek.


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The crypto-Bolsheviks in power have used every avenue on the map to attempt to cut off every peaceful, democratic route whites might take to deliver themselves from discrimination, denigration, marginalization, dispossession, minoritization, vassalization, and perhaps destruction as well. When we form websites to advocate for our own interests, supposed “civil rights groups” (how’s that for irony?) do all they can to shut those websites down. When we vote for a leader who purports to represent us, like Donald Trump, the Deep State tries to wage a silent coup against him. We do not matter to the sociopaths at the helm, and when we try to matter, we are shamed, vilified, dehumanized, and called the vilest of names. Many of us have been sounding the alarm for years regarding the left’s Sovietesque efforts to silence and marginalize its political opponents.Punching people in the streets for their beliefsthrowing them out of restaurants for their politics,purging them from the internet for their wordscutting off payment processing services to wrong-thinkers so as to starve them of necessary financial supportforcing corporate leaders to resign simply because they donate to the wrong political causes… what else could possibly come of all that? If you push people around long enough, indeed persecute them outright, which is frankly not an unfair description of the Cultural Marxist power structure’s treatment of the dissident right, eventually they are going to push back. Those already falling through the cracks of society, with the least to lose, are going to push back the hardest.

Somehow, however, this basic logic has evaded the supposed elites of this country. Every sector of the US power structure, including the mainstream media and Congress itself, seems to think the appropriate response to the recent spate of mass shootings is to ratchet up the war against “hate”, to censor more dissidents on the web, to expand and increase “hate crime” laws, to disarm more law-abiding Americans, and to enable the federal leviathan to surveil and intimidate more of us who stand on the “wrong side of history”. I must confess I sometimes fear that too many of those with power and prestige in modern America are exactly as heavily armed, camo-covered, radicalized right-wingers perceive them, namely zealots in suits, beyond the reach of reason, heads submerged in pools of their own Kool-Aid. Sadly, the violence seems destined to continue. How could it not? Our leaders are trying to cure us with the disease.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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