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The WADA World: Bye-bye, Olympic Spirit

The anti-doping policemen should definitely be charged, rants famous Russian writer and extreme left wing political activist

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Fancy Bears strike again, revealing the names of several dozen sportsmen who took banned substances and whom WADA patronizes.

US – 10 (I won’t list the names. You can find them everywhere.)

<figcaption>Shouldn’t sick athletes taking drugs perform at Paralympics?</figcaption>
Shouldn’t sick athletes taking drugs perform at Paralympics?

Great Britain – 5 .

Germany – 5 .

Denmark, Poland, Czech, Romania – one from each country.

There’s even an athlete from Russia! Apparently, Fancy Bears included him to prove their impartiality.

That’s the way it is. An international court should open a case against the leaders of WADA. But the Hague Tribunal is biased. Where could they be convicted?

This is the end of international sports. No Olympics can be held under such fraudulent schemes.

Farewell, Coubertin!

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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