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Vladimir Putin Condemns Europe for Upholding Child Rape (Video)

The Russian president voiced his disgust at a decayed and immoral culture which has overtaken the West

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Ah, Vienna. A city that conjures up many delightful images. The world's finest coffee and strudel. Cafes where the waiters still address you as "Mein Herr" and they haven't changed the decor since the 19th century.  The world's greatest music: Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms. A city of beauty and grandeur, echoes of an empire of a former age. 

And today, a city where Muslim "refugees" are allowed to rape 10 year old boys in public toilets. 

The Independent reports

A man who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Austria has had his conviction overturned after judges found he may have believed the child consented.

Police said the 20-year-old Iraqi refugee, who has not been named, assaulted his victim in a toilet cubicle at the Theresienbad swimming pool in Vienna on 2 December last year.

The child reported the rape to a lifeguard and his attacker was arrested at the scene, reportedly telling officers in initial interviews that he was experiencing a “sexual emergency” after not having sex in four months.

Vienna's historic pools are not safe anymore

The "sexual emergency" experienced by the rapefugee was apparently similar to the one experienced by 2,000 rapefugees in the German city of Cologne on New Year's Eve 2016, when they publicly raped 1,200 German women as emasculated German men and police stood by and watched. 

Apparently some of the women were merely groped. The German government was appalled. That's why it decided to produce an illustrated manual teaching the refugees how to rape German women properly next time around.  

Not to be outdone, Austria has now decided to join its German brethren in refusing to defend even children from homosexual rape - as long as the children "consent":

[O]n Thursday, Austria’s Supreme Court overturned the rape conviction and ordered a re-trial on the charge.

[...]Supreme Court judges ruled that the first court should have established whether the attacker thought his victim agreed to a sexual act and intended to act against the boy’s will.

We are in fact now witnessing the violent death of western civilization. It is bad enough that Europe is being inundated by hordes of invaders of a culture, religion, and ethnicity totally incompatible with the West, but most reprehensible of all is the total lack of any will to resist on the part of Europeans themselves, and especially their governments (with notable exceptions, such as the Hungarians). Far from it - they even take active steps to encourage and accommodate the invaders. 

But we all know the real threat to Europe is not from millions of barbaric non-European rapefugees, it's from Russia and Vladimir Putin. Ask Poland. Or Lithuania. Russia is hell, and Putin is the devil. Here's what the devil himself had to say about this incident:


The Russian president said:

[...] I can't get through my head what they are thinking over there [in Europe]. This is a result of the dilution of national traditions and values. I can't even explain the rationale. Is it a sense of guilt towards the migrants?...A society that cannot defend its children today, has no tomorrow. It has no future. 

Putin also noted that Russia as a state, has encompassed multiple ethnicities and cultures for over 1000 years, and that unlike Europe, it has a proven track record of managing inter-ethnic relations. 

Despite the presence of a vocal liberal minority, the great majority of Russians agree with their leader that if these are the kind of "European values" the West has on offer, it is better to remain the "backward" conservative society that continually draws the unfettered ire of liberal paragons in Europe and America. 

The only question is whether eastern European nations such as Ukraine, Georgia, and Poland - which are in their inherent culture and moral outlook far more similar to Russia than to the modern Germans, Americans, and French - will come to their senses in time to save themselves from the cultural rot devouring the core of the societies with which they are presently so enamored.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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