Another Week, Another Painfully Embarrassing US State Dept Press Briefing (Video)

Kirby, Trudeau and the gang keep humiliating themselves and their country in front of the whole world.  Astounding and telling

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One commentor on the invaluable Liberty Blitzkrieg, where we found this video, asks, apparently in all seriousness:  "Is this a Saturday Night Live skit?"   (SNL is the leading US comedy / parody show)

One of our personal favorite professional comedians, spokesbuffoon Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau, gives another bravado impression of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

In this spellbinding episode, she refuses to answer any questions about US-supplied weapons falling into hands of terrorists in the Middle East.  Some things are just off-limits, you pesky reporters...

Krieger's comment was all of two lines:

If for some bizarre reason you still have any faith left in the U.S. government, this should take care of it.

Why hold a press conference at all?

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