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Victory Day Parade Preparations in Full Swing (Video)

The commemoration of perhaps the most important victory in history

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Rehearsals for the famous Victory Day Parade, held in Moscow annually on May 9 to commemorate victory in the European theater of the Second World War, are in full swing in an area called Alabino in the Moscow region.

The honing of military precision

The location corresponds exactly to the proportions of Red Square, and the military precision seen during the parade is currently being honed beforehand in what are now full rehearsals involving massed bands, marching bodies of men (and women), and flypasts.

Last year’s parade saw the formal presentation to the world of the much anticipated Armata Universal Combat Platform, which included the main drawcard of the T-14 main battle tank, as well as armored personnel carriers that share the same platform.

While this year’s parade does not promise the same revelation of new and significant military machinery as last year’s (though you never know), it is sure to deliver on a traditional show of Russian pomp and might that celebrates what is likely the most significant (certainly the costliest) victory in history.

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