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Victory Day Marches Attacked, Spoiled Across Ukraine. Except in Free Donbass

If you are not free to honor your grandad who died fighting the Nazis, then you are not free

If you want to honor your dead relatives who fought Hitler in Ukraine your insurance premiums will go up.

Post-Maidan Ukraine of course no longer celebrates Victory Over Nazism on May 9th. It instead marks "Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation" (reconciliation with whom?) on May 8th.

Many people however still mark the occasion. They are brave people.

Across Ukraine V-Day marchers have been attacked and harassed. They have been pelted with rocks, bottles, smoke bombs, and eggs. Another tactic has been to spoil their marches by having thugs carrying the red-black flag of the genocidal, ultra-nationalist UPA walk in their midst. 









Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk did not pass without scuffles with the nationalists either.

One place that was free of all of that was Donbass. Here WWII old-timers and families could walk safely and freely:

And it's all thanks to these guys:





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