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NATO Is Sending Cyber Warfare Specialists to Ukraine

Romania will send IT specialists to Kiev on behalf of NATO

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The article originally appeared at German Economic News. Translated for RI by Anita Zalaldinova

Brave American keyboard warriors
Brave American keyboard warriors

Romania is to send IT specialists to Kiev on behalf of the US and NATO. They should enhance the Cyber ​​Protection of Ukraine and carry out trainings. The mission is directed against Russia, as NATO accuses the country of cyber-attacks against Ukraine.

The United States want to act through the back door as cyber protector of Ukraine. Romania is to send IT specialists to Kiev on behalf of NATO in order to carry out cyber training and expand the Cyber ​​Protection of Ukraine. The mission is directed against Russia. Moscow is accused of cyber-attacks and espionage against Ukrainian establishments.

"We want to take the regional leadership (...) That is why Romania has been chosen by NATO to increase the cyber security of Ukraine and to prevent cyber war", AP quoted the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta. Romania is increasingly becoming a stooge of the US and fancies being a regional power.

The US companies Microsoft, Oracle and Google are all active in Romania. In total 93,000 Romanians are employed in the IT industry. Every year, 6,500 IT specialists graduate, the Romanian Association of Software Industry (Anis) reports.

Last year, because of the crisis in neighbouring Ukraine, the NATO member country Romania increased its military spending and therefore cancelled its goals for fiscal consolidation. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave Romania a loan of four billion euros. The US has been pushing for years for a greater commitment in military spending of the 28 NATO countries, and, in light of the Ukrainian crisis, these appeals have been put forth with even more urgency.


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