US 'Wishes Russia Didn't Exist', Claims Top Security Official

Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council, said that the United States is jealous of Russia because it possesses rich natural resources that some US politicians think shouldn't belong to it

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The United States wishes that Russia didn't exist as a sovereign state, according to Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia since 2008.

Speaking to the newspaper Kommersant, Patrushev insinuated that the United State's desire for Russia not to exist is motivated mainly by jealously and greed.

"We have a great wealth,” Patrushev explained, referring to comments once made by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who said that Siberia and the Russian Far East should not belong to just one country. “The Americans think we own them illegally and unfairly, because, according to them, we do not use the lands in the way we should have been using them."

Patrushev also beamoaned the lack of an independent EU foreign policy. He noted that the U.S. exerts a particularly strong influence on European countries, forcing them to adhere to its economic sanctions policy against Russia and its position on the Crimea.

"Do they really agree with them? Publicly, of course, they will not say anything, but in reality they know the truth. In the West, everyone knows that what happened in the Crimea was legal, that there was a referendum and so on. There's actually not many objections to Crimean independence there. I think that over time it will all settle down," Patrushev said.

The security chief said the U.S. was also pressuring European businesses not to have dealings with Russia.

"There have been repeated cases when some of Europeans asked to come to us, and we said, come here at a certain date, but then a written answer came that they were not happy with the time or something else,” Patrushev said. “Unofficially, they explained that the Americans pressured them, telling them that it is not the right time to maintain contacts now.”

Patrushev said the main reason for this situation is that the Americans are very strong, while the Europeans, although not weak, display a “lack of willpower”.

“The U.S. is striving to rule the world, it's a goal that's written in their doctrines. And it's dominating the world even as its changing,” he warned.

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