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US Voters More or Less Okay With Bombing Fictitious Muslim City From Disney's 'Aladdin'

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Agrabah. Children and twenty-somethings who never grew up know it as the make believe Disney city where people ride magic carpets instead of Uber.

But for an alarming percentage of American voters, Agrabah is just another place full of brown people that need to die. Via Slate, unfortunately:

<figcaption>Better safe than sorry?</figcaption>
Better safe than sorry?

Slate, which is a terrible website, explains:

On the one hand, this is crazy; on the other, "Agrabah" sounds pretty similar to "Aleppo" and "Raqqa," which are two Syrian cities that have been occupied by ISIS...

Ha ha, what? There is no "on the other hand" in this scenario. When a sizable portion of the electorate is on board with bombing a fake city inhabited by a semi-literate cartoon tiger named Rajah, maybe it's time for a bit of constructive introspection? As in, do we even know who we're killing anymore?

For a real world example with lots of real people already dead because of it, "only about 16 percent of Americans can locate Ukraine on a map. Some respondents placed Ukraine 'in Brazil or in the Indian Ocean.'"

It's okay. Donetsk is full of talking Disney animals. Keep the artillery shells coming!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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