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US Spree Shooter Was Obsessed With Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories

Regime media isn't good for your brain

Shortly after Hodgkinson was identified as the shooter, a Facebook page appearing to match his name, location and profession drew attention.

Heavy later confirmed the account was, indeed, Hodgkinson’s.

The account’s header photo indicates Hodgkinson, who was shot dead by police after this morning’s attack, was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Posts on the man’s Facebook page reveal him referring to Trump as “a traitor” who “has destroyed our democracy.”

In one post, Hodgkinson shared a petition titled “Ask Past Presidents to Urge Congress to Launch Independent Investigation.”

The petition – authored by a George Birrell from Santa Monica, California – reads, “the questions raised by the timing and rationale behind Trump’s firing of James Comey at a time when he was requesting additional funds for the Investigation into the ties between the Trump team and Russian attempts to influence the election have the potential to create a constitutional crisis.”

“Unless this issue is resolved beyond reproach, it has the potential to undermine our citizens’ faith in the rule of law and our system of checks and balances that is supposed to constrain the abuse of power.”

It concludes, “only a fully independent inquiry can resolve the crisis and avert lasting damage to our American democracy.”

The petition’s premise – that Trump colluded with Russia – is, of course, unfounded.

Former FBI Director James Comey himself acknowledged during his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week that President Donald Trump was never a target of the Bureau’s investigations concerning collusion between his campaign and Russia.

Furthermore, he stated that a New York Times article alleging the intelligence community had information proving contacts between Russians and Trump campaign officials was false.

Nonetheless, the petition Hodgkinson shared has amassed almost 100,000 signatures as of writing, and is still gaining signatures to this day despite an independent investigation already having been launched.

No fatalities besides Hodgkinson’s have been reported following this morning’s shooting.

GOP Whip Scalise was reportedly struck in the hip and is expected to recover fully.

“Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police,” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul stated to CNN in reference to Scalise’s security detail that was with him at the baseball practice.

“We had nothing but baseball bats to fight back against a rifle with.”



Source: Milo News 

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