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US Regime Change in Reverse. Putin's Popularity Hits 81 Percent

Maybe if they pretended to like him instead...

This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

It must be so frustrating for the Obama administration.


They are pulling their hair trying to muster up some good old fashioned American regime change in Russia, only to be faced with sky high approval ratings for Vladimir Putin.

It’s a US color revolution, full court press on the Russian Federation…

  • A Victoria Nuland orchestrated coup in Ukraine.
  • Supporting and financing neo-nazi elements Ukraine, and terrorists groups in Chechnya.
  • Sending NATO troops and mercenaries into East Ukraine for the sole purpose of killing Donbass civilians.
  • Covering up for Ukrainian criminals elements that shoot down MH17.
  • Imposing harsh sanctions on anything and everything Russian…and “embarrassing” Europe to do the same
  • Coordinating a full on media demonisation and propaganda attack that not even Saddam Hussein experienced.
  • Orchestrating economic warfare and hedge fund, Soros style, attacks on the ruble.

They have even hand picked the next US puppet leader for Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The guy is a perfect blend of corrupt, criminal oligarch, and obedient US puppy dog…ready to sign off all of Russia riches to western big business.

Everything is set up according to the regime handbook…except those damn poll numbers.

Those pesky Russian people want a sovereign nation, rather than a US vassal, neo-liberal, hell hole state…go figure!

Via Sputnik News Agency:

Despite the economic downturn in the country, the approval rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin has surged to 81 percent, an increase from the 58 percent he received at the beginning of his third term, a poll released Thursday by the Associated Press (AP) and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research revealed.

The AP-NORC Center survey, conducted from November 22 to December 7, is based on more than 2,000 in-person interviews of Russians aged 18 and above.

The poll showed that only 6 percent of respondents were critical of how the president handled his job. Putin’s approval rating differed between Moscow residents and those living elsewhere in the country.

The residents of Moscow turned out to be 10 percent less approving of the president’s domestic and foreign policies compared to the whopping 82 percent among residents elsewhere.

When asked about the most pressing issues facing Russia, respondents cited the country’s volatile economy and the standoff over Ukraine most frequently.

The study found that economic woes, such as the slide in the ruble’s value against the dollar, surging prices of goods and the fallout over western economic sanctions, concerned russians the most, with nearly two-thirds saying Western restrictions weighed heavily on the national economy.

Only seven percent said the sanctions, imposed on Russia by the United States, Europe and some other countries, had a positive effect.

Despite this, more than a half of those surveyed claimed the sanctions had no effect on their personal pocketbooks, and most of them expressed certitude that the economy and their personal finances will “stay the same or improve over the next three years.”

On the foreign agenda, around two-thirds said Russia was going “in the right direction”, with only 20 percent describing the current course of the national policy as “wrong.”

The younger generation of adults aged 18 to 34 were on average more positive about the country’s future.


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