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US: OPCW Mission to Douma Is Nice but Won’t Affect Trump’s Response

Trump won't let an investigation come in the way of his war

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Having been invited by the Syrians and guaranteed safety by the Russians, the chemical weapons watchdog, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons founded by the Chemical Weapons Convention, is dispatching a fact-finding mission to Douma to investigate the accusations that Syrian army used chemical weapons against civilians.

<figcaption>Clearly not interested in what really happened</figcaption>
Clearly not interested in what really happened

The US response? An official has told the UAE-based The National that while this was “good” it won’t affect White House deliberations on whether to launch strikes on Syria or not:

In response to the allegations, Syria said it has invited the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate the suspected poison gas attack, which opposition activists say killed 40 people and wounded hundreds over the weekend.

However, a US official told The National, that while “Washington welcomes the OPCW mission, it will not affect the US decision on a response to Syria.”

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So then chemical weapons experts are visiting the scene of the alleged crime to see what is what and the American response is to say “that’s nice but changes nothing”.

If you needed any proof Trump taking the world to the cusp of WW3 has nothing to do with whether some civilians in Douma were killed by chemical weapons deployed by the loyalist side this here is it.

They don’t really know what happened, yet they won’t let a fact-finding mission affect their “response”. Clearly they’re not interested in reality -- merely perception and it so happens it wouldn't look good for Trump to climb down from his hysterical allegations and promises to use force if OPCW confirmed there was no case against Damascus.

Source: Checkpoint Asia

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