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US Navy Commander Traded Military Secrets for Prostitutes and Lady Gaga Tickets

We're waiting for the BBC documentary

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The "global force for good" is apparently commanded by easily-bribed Lady Gaga lovers. This is precious:

A Navy commander accused of trading military secrets for cash bribes, plane tickets, flings with prostitutes and Lady Gaga concert tickets pleaded guilty Thursday to corruption charges in federal court in San Diego.

<figcaption>Good times</figcaption>
Good times

Cmdr. Michael Misiewicz, 48, a graduate of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, became the eighth person to plead guilty in a gigantic corruption case that has rocked the Navy and reached high into the officer corps. More than 100 people remain under investigation for possible criminal, ethical or administrative violations.

Whores and Lady Gaga aside, the real story here is that this kind of corruption is less about "national security" and more about "wasting your taxes overseas while you drink lead-poisoned water at home":

Prosecutors and federal investigators accused Misiewicz of playing a key role in a long-running bribery scheme that enabled a Singapore-based defense contractor, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, to fleece the Navy of more than $20 million. The company held contracts for more than 25 years to resupply Navy vessels during port visits in Asia and has admitted to massively overcharging the government for its services.

Your move, BBC.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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