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US Must Confront Russia Over Imaginary Arms Shipments to Taliban, Insists Rabid Pentagon Chief

Mad Pooch Mattis: Russia's imaginary arm shipments to Taliban must end — OR ELSE

The Russians just can't keep their fingers to themselves. After making clear their appetite for Alaska last week they've now made clear their designs for another US state starting with the letter 'A' — Afghanistan.

The fifty-first state which acceded to the Union when NBC was still airing Friends (lifetimes ago) has been plagued by a separatist Muslim rebellion for just as long.

The backward rebels aim to expel US federal authorities and restore The Poppy State as an independent nation. 

In a clever ploy to get it for themselves the Russians have begun to back the secessionist rebels. Naturally the US can not tolerate such interference in internal American affairs:

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has said that Washington "will confront Russia" after a top US military commander claimed Moscow is "sending weapons" to the Taliban.

No specifics or evidence were provided to support the claims which Moscow has previously denied.

Oh wait, no evidence or specifics?

Obviously enough Russia is not supplying the Taliban. Russia along with Iran was the main backer of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance when the US was still greenlighting Saudi, Pakistan and Qatari support for Mullah Omar and taking selfies with Osama bin Laden in Bosnia.

On the other hand, Russia is talking with the Taliban, but then so is China -- even far more extensively -- and so would the US if it could.

But hey we understand America's frustration. When you've been getting your butt kicked for 16 years you tend to get a little bit irritated and aggressive.

On the other hand, when you've had since Friends have been taken off air to subdue a bunch of desert sheepherders and you've failed, it's probably not a great time to start threatening Russia.

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