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US Lie Generator Nikki Haley Asks Reporters to 'Focus on Facts'

Nikki Haley's definition of "facts": When reporters write nice things about her

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

We all remember the tragic day when US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was muzzled by the State Department. 

Results were immediate and devastating.

<figcaption>Twitter's treasure</figcaption>
Twitter's treasure

Once a must-read emporium of neocon ravings, her Twitter account is now a boring smorgasbord of selfies and praise for Ivanka Trump. 

Even more concerning, there are no more PowerPoint presentations about orphans gassed by Assad the Terrible or CNN outbursts about made-up statements that Russian diplomats never said. 

Yes, it seems that despite her best efforts to provoke a world war, Nikki Haley has been relegated to posting family photos on Twitter. 

And now this same crazy lady who was repudiated by Rex Tillerson for talking nonsense has a message: Reporters should focus on facts rather than editorializing!

This rabbit hole of hilarity is deep and amazing. Haley was responding to a twitter love message from the world's most insufferable neocon blowhard, Bill Kristol:

And Kristol is referring to an editorial published by Commentary Magazine which editorializes:

Nikki Haley has the clarity of vision and political gumption to call corruption by its name.

Focusing on the facts — and retweeted by Nikki Haley, who demands all reporters stop editorializing. 

Don't act like you're surprised. It's Nikki Haley. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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