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US Carrier Parked off Iran Complains Iranian Surveillance a 'Nuisance'

The only country in the world with these problems

The USS George H.W. Bush, an American aircraft carrier parked perpetually off the coast of Iran, appears to have attracted the attention of Iran, and officials say that Iran’s use of surveillance drones to keep an eye on the massive US warship is a “nuisance.”

Officials also hyped the presence of small Iranian naval boats operating off the coast of Iran, claiming them to be “naked aggression” for sometimes being close to the US carrier, despite also appearing to have never actually left Iranian waters by all indications.

US officials have repeatedly made a big deal about Iran having ships off their own coast, while Iranian officials have responded by saying that they think a better question is why the US warships are 7,500 miles away from their own territorial waters, and constantly looming around Iran’s coasts.

The US has had warships off the Iranian coast for years, mostly to shore up their constant threats to attack Iran.

Iran, by contrast, has focused on a small, coastal navy whose use would be purely defensive. Given the mostly offensive nature of the US presence, that Iran is preparing to defend itself will always be a sore spot.


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