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US Ambassador Throwing His Weight Around at Crimeans

John Tefft is determined to make the lives of the poor Crimeans 'annexed' by Putin as difficult as possible 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The Russian news service TASS reports that the US ambassador in Moscow, John "Tubby" Tefft, says Russian citizens resident in Crimea should go to a foreign country -- Ukraine -- if they want to apply for US visas.

Applications submitted in Moscow will only be considered "on general terms" -- whatever that means.

Obviously lost on Tefft is why exactly Crimean citizens would even want to go to the country that has put them under economic blockade. Or why they, the innocent Right Sector Nazi-loving denizens of that imprisoned peninsula, should be punished merely for being "annexed" by the nefarious Putin. 

But when you truly believe you are the world's only exceptional and indispensable nation, we suppose that in Tefft's warped reality even the people America is trying to destroy must necessarily still love America. 

Maybe Tubby is still sore over last year's inspection of over 200 McDonalds in Russia over health violations. This is obviously a man who takes his food seriously. Not to mention his coups d'état.

Tefft came to Moscow last year after postings in Tbilisi and Kiev which saw him leave behind a full-scale ground war in Georgia, a bloody civil war and near dissolution of the state in Ukraine - and a trail of Big Mac wrappers. Although reportedly, the ambassador prefers Italian.

Washington probably hopes Tefft can repeat his previous "success" in Moscow. Well, it's unlikely he'll get any help from Crimeans.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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