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US Ambassador to Moscow: Ukraine's Rebel-Held Areas Shelling Themselves

US Ambassador to Russia does not believe civilian casualties in rebel-held Donbass were inflicted by Ukraine army

  • Also there is no civil war in Ukraine - east Ukraine rebels are actually Russian infiltrators,
  • Maidan was not a coup and..
  • MH17 was shot down by Russia or its infiltrators but he "can not talk about the details"

This article originally appeared at Polit Navigator. Translated by Joaquin Flores at Fort Russ

In Ukraine, the result of Euromaidan was not a coup, and the war was provoked by Russia, who sent their agents into Donbass, said US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft, in an interview with the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

"I do not agree with the argument that the US did something wrong. I categorically dismiss allegations that the events on Maidan led to a coup in Ukraine ", - he said.

"We believe that the violence is fueled by people in the Donbass, who penetrate the border from Russia. We do not believe in the story of the civil confrontation. You will, I am sure, remember the famous 'little green men'? "- Says Tefft.

To the question of the journalist as to why the US turned a blind eye to the killing of civilians by the shelling of the cities of Donbass by Ukrainian army, the ambassador said that the children in the Lugansk and Donetsk could have been killed by the D/LPR militia, not the UAF.

"How can you be sure that these people were killed by the Ukrainian army, not the separatists? How do you know? Were you personally present for this? "- He said.

Tefft expressed clear confidence that the Boeing passenger plane in the Donbass was hit by Russia or its agents.

"We know. We just know that. I can not talk about the details. But we do know who shot down the plane. We are all very clear. And I think that most of the world also knows who shot down the plane. But now we are waiting for the end of the investigation, in which every aspect of this tragedy is being carefully studied, "- said the US ambassador.

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