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Urgent: Trump's 'Putin Connection' Outed - Part I

Who is Trump's Putin connection? And how does this issue tie in with news that the Democratic primary election was rigged?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

On Monday of last week a surprising Forbes magazine article reported that Donald Trump is following Putin's orders. 

But that's just the start of this drama.

Next, on Friday, evidence surfaced that the Democratic Party primaries had been rigged so Hillary Clinton could prevail over Bernie Sanders.

That same day a barrage of news items began that trumpeted the alleged Trump-Putin alliance. 

Headlines included:

"Donald Trump: the Siberian Candidate" - New York Times

"New questions surround Putin's interest in Trump's election" - MSNBC

"GOP Rocked by Clinton Truth Bomb That Russia Is Helping Trump" - PoliticusUSA

And then by Sunday a confluence emerged between these two seemingly disparate stories, i.e. the Trump-Putin allegation and the rigged primary scandal.

Clinton's campaign let loose a deviously clever strategy that drew them together. 

It cast Clinton as a victim of foul play instead of as a perpetrator of election rigging. 

The short version of the scenario goes like this: Trump and Putin are in cahoots. To help Trump, Putin has the Democratic Party's servers hacked. Putin uncovers the plot to unfairly defeat Sanders. The plot is revealed by Wikileaks. Since most Americans look upon Putin as a loathsome and dangerous foreign leader, it's easy for many to sympathize with Hillary for falling victim to Putin.

Mind you that no factual evidence is presented to support the claims of Putin's meddling in the American presidential election. I don't know whether he did or didn't. But the absence of substantiation doesn't seem to matter to most media outlets.

The Putin-scare that Clinton created worked like a charm to paper over the grim fact that the Democratic Party primaries were illegitimate, thus making Hillary's own nomination itself illegitimate and undemocratic. It's a very shrewd strategy, and unfortunately many Americans have been tricked by it.

The election-scandal story connected so seamlessly with the malicious Trump-Putin tale that one wonders if they weren't both part of a single plan.

This is just speculation, but what if Clinton had seen signs that the election-rigging story might come out. In preparation, the Clinton people promote the Trump-Putin fear-mongering story. And then when the election scandal breaks, Clinton is ready to cast herself as a victim of the purported Trump-Putin axis of evil. This scenario may sound very diabolical, yet still it is perfectly plausible.

And what does this tell us about who Trump's "Putin connection" is? 

It's Hillary. 

She's the one that's drawing the connection, and she's doing it out of apparent self-interest and in the absence of facts. 

In effect, Hillary has outed herself as Trump's "Putin connection." But few enough people follow this saga in sufficient depth to realize that.

The fact-free nature of this whole affair is evidenced in the Forbes story that claims Trump is following Putin's orders. I took a close look at that article and found an unbelievable level of deviousness in how it builds its case. 

In Part II I'll take you step-by-step through the demonstrable lies that Forbes put forth to support its startling allegation.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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