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Russia's New Conservative Allies in the US: The 'Alt-Right' Phenomenon

For those that have been paying attention, the rise of the Alt-Right is as surprising, as it is entirely expected

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Due to public interest in this subject, we are republishing this article from July of this year.

What is the Alt-Right?

<figcaption>They sympathize with Russia</figcaption>
They sympathize with Russia

If you listen to the mainstream media, the Alt-Right is the birth of an American far right Frankenstein that was mid-wifed by Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric in this election cycle.

But what we are seeing now is bigger than even Donald Trump. It is part of a massive paradigm shift that has been underway for some time now. For those that have been paying attention, it is clear that nationalist, patriotic movements are everywhere ascendant in the West.

The people's voice

The endless migration of millions of 3rd world men into Europe, the callousness of the Elite class to the concern its Natives, and the fever-pitched identity politics of the Regressive Left have brought us to a crossroads… It should come as little surprise to nobody that the native populations of the West have started asking some hard questions about their own identity.

Who are we? What do our people stand for? Will we have a future if nothing changes?

These are some of the civilizational questions being raised for the first time in the West since the end of the Cold War. And the "Alt-Right" is the term (that hit the Internet by storm in 2015) under which many dissidents have rallied under in the United States. The etymology of the term however, does not go far in explaining the significance of this rapidly growing movement and the underlying trend in politics that it represents.

A video featuring many of the people associated with the alt-right


Context is King

The last 7 years (at least) have seen the complete takeover of national discourse and cultural exchange by a group of rabid left-wing fanatics in the West. These “Social Justice Warriors” as they have come to be known, have managed to push their fringe Trotsky-ist ideas on the cultural mainstream of America and now act as the enforcers of punishing speech codes in academic institutions, the HR offices of corporate America, the mainstream media and our elected officials.

They have managed to do so with the tacit approval and even outright encouragement of the Establishment Elites.

It is no exaggeration to say that the West is in a state of complete self-negation, lost and confused, angry as well- and willing to lash out. There has perhaps been no other time in history where the Western peoples have been so abjectly demoralized.

The younger generation of Westerners in particular has been systematically taught to be ashamed of their heritage during their 12+ years stint in the Education camps. It is especially noticeable in higher education, where students are taught to believe there is something uniquely oppressive in being a straight male, something uniquely oppressive in being of European descent, something particularly deplorable about being straight…and on it goes. And there are serious consequences for stepping out of the echo-chamber of ethno-masochism and self-hate...

It has come to the point where it is easier to come out publically to polite society as a Tranny than it is to come out as a Trump supporter.

But for every action there is a reaction. The witch-burning mob mentality of the Regressive Left engendered a reaction, and in 2015, the lame stream media finally caught a whiff of it. But even before the current year, many Nativist patriots, non-interventionists, economic nationalists or social conservatives found themselves unable to articulate their views in any public capacity without facing serious repercussions for their unfashionable WrongThink.

Consequently, many movements took to the wild unexplored reaches of the Internet to hone their rhetoric, conduct their discussions and reach out to new minds. By the very nature of the current political paradigm, the many disparate movements that were spawned online had to remain anonymous. (This is true in Europe as much, if not more than in the United States. )  And it seems that only now with the Donald Trump's meteoric rise in the Republican party has the Overton Window begun to shift back to the right, and allowed for the public articulation of these taboo sentiments. 

But what IS the Alt-Right? What do they stand for?

The span of blogs, sites and online communities that can be called “Alt-Right” is as vast as it is varied. They range from well established alternative dissident right sites like UnzVdareTakimag, and Amren that pre-date the “Alt-Right” label and instead can be thought of as the inheritors of a Natural Conservative or Paleo-Conservative tradition in American politics. But there are also younger, more free-wheeling sites like The Right Stuff, and the masthead of the Alt-Right- Radix Journal.  

To quote the Head Editor of Radix, Hannibal Bateman:

"The Alt-Right is a growing cultural and political movement that rejects the liberal and globalist hegemonies, particularly in the United States, that have defined the post-World War II West. As such, it is a young, technologically savvy movement that is engaged in building a new counter culture against America's aging soixante-huitardes similar to continental 'Identitarian' movements." 

Many of these new right thinkers eschew the big tent “Alt-Right” label that the MSM has lumped them under for one reason or another, but all together they comprise a massive samizdat movement of online Dissidenti. Furthermore, the alt-right does not just deal with politics; it is an all-encompassing intellectual movement. There are HBD (human bio-diversity) enthusiasts, male self-improvement advocates, rebellious sub-cultures of 5th gen. meme-warriors as well as Monarchists, Traditionalists, National-Libertarians, Socialist-Nationalists, Identitarians and Russo-philes...

On Russia

In the West, Russia is usually viewed with a mix of foreboding and hysteria. However, the Alt-Right has a more favorable opinion. Their generally russo-philic attitude stems from their view that Russia and Eastern Europe have preserved the best of European cultural values. After the fall of communism, a sort of role-reversal occurred. The west remained free of economic communism, but fell under the spell of "Cultural Marxism."

On the topic of Cultural Marxism, whole tomes can be written, but suffice it to say, whereas traditional Marxism aims to erase economic inequality, Cultural Marxism aims to eliminate perceived social inequality based on race, gender and sexual orientation. One could say that the West won the Cold War and retained its free-market economic system of Capitalism...and yet there is everywhere apparent a spirit of Cultural Marxism prevalent in the West. . 

The late Jonathon Bowden, (a dissident right wing thinker from the UK) articulated a prevailing belief in the Alt-Right in a talk titled, Western Civilization Bites Back.

“The new Eastern Europe is rather really interesting and will have a lot to say about the future of European man in the next century or so. Eastern Europe was preserved by communism from the decadence of the liberalism which has semi-destroyed Western Europe (and points to the west of that)... Communism was a strange doctrine, because it preserved under permafrost many of the characteristic social chapters of what it means to be a European."

To put it simply, Russia is seen as a beacon of reason and civilization by many on the Alt-Right. Time will tell if their faith in Russia is justified or not. But they, and other similar Dissident Right movements are the only parties that will even hear Russia out.

Generation Trump

Just as Russia is being encircled by NATO forces, and pilloried in the international media, so too have the hyenas in the MSM been hounding the now GOP nominee, Donald Trump. 

To put it mildly, the entire edifice of Western civilization is crumbling and it would only be a slight exaggeration at this point to point out that much of the West lives in a post Camp of the Saints scenario. Yet, just as America- shell-shocked and confused- hit Peak-PC, Donald Trump arrived like a savior in the night. His boldness and willingness to openly state Anti-Globalist policies won him the adulation of dispossessed middle-America…and the scorn of the Neo-Trotskyite Intelligentsia. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump is seen by many on the Alt-Right as the last chance for Western Civilization to save itself from the brink of civilizational collapse.  

Most importantly, the rise of Donald Trump heralds the new era of identity politics. As Donald Trump taps into the simmering discontent of the dispossessed white working class of America, he begins to transcend the traditional left/right divide among voters. The real divides are now along the lines of Identity. With him stands Generation Alt-Right. Against him stands the New Internationale.

Perhaps the best example of the merger between globalist interests and the Regressive Left can be seen in the recent #marchforeurope protests. Indoctrinated Millenials, old-school labor voters, and the recently imported Third World have joined in an unholy alliance with The City and EU bureaucrats to protest a popular referendum on the European Union. The New Left- once a champion of liberal values in the West- now demands harsher controls on speech in the name of combating “Hate Speech” and actively promotes greater flows of economic migrants who will undercut the wages of the native working class.

To many of the older generation, much of what I have said may come as a surprise. But the fact remains that the old political positions have gone topsy-turvy, and it all has happened in the relative blink of an eye. As it stands now, the old peace-promoting, anti-imperialist, pro-working class Left has left the stage. We live in a brave new borderless world now- or so we are told by the new cultural commissars. Many are coming to realize that there is no left or right anymore. There are only Globalists and Nationalists, and the young Alt-Right stands at the vanguard of the latter. They are the product of a new generation being forced to rediscover their identity and come to terms with their dispossession. 

A generation who spit out the narratives of guilt and self-hate they were fed as children. A generation that intimately understands the raw deal they have been given and that resents a political culture that justifies their economic, and social plight on the grounds of fighting “systematic racism.” For their whole lives, they have been blamed for historical "sins" outside their control. And now they fight over an offense they did not give, against those who were not even alive to be offended. That realization forms their consciousness. Where Samuel Huntington once asked: “Who are we?” - the Alt-Right has picked up the torch and started coming to its own conclusions...

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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