Understanding the Social Chaos in Western Society

A summary of the social chaos of cultural Marxism - sold as a multicultural, diverse and equality based utopia

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The author is a UK citizen and an English and social science teacher living in SE Asia. Не currently works in China

These explanatory short articles provide as much information as possible, in a short space. The reason I don’t do mainstream news, is because of its rapid change, which ordinarily, is already out-of-date as it occurs. Moreover, mainstream propaganda is not news in its literal sense, but conversely, rather the result of a subversion aligned to Marxist dogma, written decades ago by the critical theorists of the Frankfurt School.

Well documented elsewhere, with a basic explanation in, a primer to cultural Marxism. The cultural emphasis is just another utopia adaptation, as liberal western politicians try to create a progressive consensus, using 21st century minority identity politics in place of 20th century workers. Nevertheless, the aims are identical; produce an élite rule, which is all communism is, by creating nihilist and egalitarian government dependant populations. Linking the eleven points proposed by the Frankfurt school to the deconstruction of recent norms and values.

From Social Justice to Progressivism

"By aligning themselves with a State controlling ideology, the modern social liberals and self-styled radical freethinkers are themselves being led into totalitarianism by following the new age adaptation of social chaos through cultural Marxism" - V, John. "Cultural Marxism: Social Chaos." N.p., n.d. Web.

Forget the sound bites of 'change, forward' and 'progress.' This is progressivism, reflected in the reality of dogmatic servitude to European Union progressivism, with its bureaucratic five-year collectivised plans and restricted free speech. Welcome to Europe and in the US; meet the real Obama and his comrade ‘Czars’.image

"It is no coincidence that those who now govern the wealth of others and encourage the belief system of equality and multicultural diversity across western societies, the politicians, bankers and big business (the élite), contain the wealthiest individuals" - ibid.

Understanding the Chaos in today’s Society

To recognise the rationale behind the cultural chaos also provides the reasons for the systematic western decline, in which there are no demons or shape-shifting reptiles. Accordingly, western politicians seek the hegemony of one-world government and globalisation to create their own 1% agenda revolution.


The police militarisation and the progressive crackdown are already beginning. The future promises a bumpy ride.

The honeymoon is over and totalitarian begins, just as it did in every previous attempt at social engineering.

The following extract is from the preface to Cultural Marxism - Social Chaos, which I specifically designed for the beginner, in an easy-to-understand and illustrated format. An hour spent browsing the contents will provide you with the knowledge necessary in understanding the chaos in today’s society.

Cultural Marxism – Social Chaos

'I believe in nothing and am tolerant of everything!'

Cultural Marxism and the social chaos of equality, multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness.

The damaging effects of cultural Marxism lie not only in its critical theory, but also in the deliberate attempt to initiate social chaos. The objective is to destroy traditional culture and replace it with progressivism. In the following review, the author illustrates the effects of social chaos, using equality, multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness, produced by cultural Marxism.

Despite the visible cultural anarchy throughout western society, in the same era, producing identical results, many still believe it is coincidental. However, others dispute what they see and prefer the safety of belief, blaming it on right-wing extremism, xenophobia, or racism. In addition, some view it as a conspiracy theory. The majority stay apathetic, trapped in a chaotic multicultural Gulag, under the supervision of political correctness.

Social justice agenda warriors (cultural terrorists), using identity politics, and diverse, safe space coalitions provide delusions of a multicultural utopia, replacing the old revolutionary slogans of class struggle. Meanwhile, political correctness ensures a dumbed down, think-a-like consensus with an equality of conformity.

As free speech takes on aspects of totalitarianism, the modern social liberals chant the compulsory mantras of buzzwords and politically correct sound bites. Consequently, from this, arise present-day beliefs that poverty occurs because the rich are wealthy and the failure of multiculturalism becomes an achievement. The subcultural of sexual deviancy assumes a lifestyle choice and racist accusations extend beyond the individual to include institutional racism.

Amid this social chaos, whole nations collapse economically as colourful 'gay' parades celebrate diverse sexual behaviour and terrorist bombings rock European capitals.

No further need for red flags and Gulags, or a pretence of an equality based 'workers' revolution. The diverse modern-day revolution occurs not from the huddled starving masses standing on the barricades, but from the multicultural soothing tones of a media politician and the calming advice of a politically correct social worker. The new gulags are government-subsidised housing and entitlement welfare provides bread for all.

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