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Uncooperative Putin Refuses to Reveal Russia's Secret Plan to Hack German Election

A cheeky journalist asks Putin if he will inform Merkel about Russia's plans to hack the upcoming German election

Germany is gearing up for an election in September, and curious minds want to know: Will Putin be a gentleman and provide Merkel with a list of Russian agents slated to serve in the Bundestag? 

This is an actual question that a cheeky journalist posed to Putin during the G20 summit in Hamburg last weekend. (From what we gather, the question was asked in jest.)

Putin seemed amused by the enquiry and used it as an opportunity to reaffirm Russia's economic partnership with Germany. He concluded with the following observation:

If you look at the press, the German press or the European press in general, the French press, it is they who keep interfering in our domestic affairs. But we are not concerned about it because we feel confident. 


Of course, we're sure that all Responsible Western Journalists in the audience were horrified. After all, Russia's constant meddling is no laughing matter! There are literally thousands of CNN articles which confirm that Putin personally hacked the US presidential election, France's presidential election, and the Magna Carta. 

Photographic proof of Putin hacking the Magna Carta


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