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UN Investigation Slams Ukraine for Torture, Secret Prisons

The UN report alleged five secret prsions operated by Ukraine and the abuse of hundreds of detainees by the Ukrainian SBU

SBU massively detain and torture applies to the supporters of the militia of Donbass, said Assistant UN Secretary General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic.

Even before the publication of the report of Simonovic said that in some areas’ lack of respect for human rights “from Kiev became a daily and regular, according to RIA” Novosti “with reference to the Times.

The report prepared by the United Nations, describes the hundreds of cases of illegal arrests and ill-treatment of detainees by both the rebels and representatives of government agencies.

However, the report for the first time demonstrates the scale and brutality torture program, which is supported by the Government of Ukraine. The report also speaks of the five secret prisons for detainees, who have created the Ukrainian authorities.

In addition, Simonovic told about specific cases of beatings and torture of detainees who committed the alleged SBU.

In 2005 year Ukraine acceded to the Optional Protocol of the UN Convention against Torture. States parties to the Protocol attending the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture delegation. They have the right without notice to inspect any place.

In late May, the UN experts to combat torture interrupted visit to Ukraine after they were denied entry into certain areas of the country, where, as expected, a number of persons illegally kept secret services.


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