Ukrop Media FAIL: Photo of Savchenko Visit to 'ATO' Reveals NATO Laptop in HQ

Whether it really is a NATO laptop or not, it just makes Kiev's forces look pathetic 

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Photos of pardoned war criminal Nadia Savchenko's surprise visit to the Donbass front (otherwise known as the "ATO"), which were published on the pro-Kiev website, showed something very incriminating - or at least embarrassing.

The photos, which showed Savchenko fondling a kitten in a military tent (no word on the current health status of the kitten), peering over computers, and sitting in the cockpit of a Ukrainian aircraft which probably can't take off, included one which somehow made it past an incompetent censor. A laptop computer can be clearly seen with an official NATO desktop background.

A possible NATO laptop can be seen at the bottom left

Is it a NATO laptop, or just a NATO background? Either this is an actual NATO device and evidence of direct NATO involvement in running Kiev's campaign against the rebels, or it is the result of idiotic Ukrainian delusions of grandeur that they are members of NATO - rather like the EU flags flying in Kiev in fulfillment of the collective hallucination that they are, or ever will be soon, part of the European Union.

In either case, it is a sign of humiliating subservience to foreign powers that makes a mockery of Ukrainian slogans about freedom and independence.

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