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Ukrainians Flock to the Crimea for Peace and Quiet

As soon as they cross the border, their mind relaxes; they don’t feel any pressure

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Some of our friends came to see us for a week and reported huge queues at the border with Ukraine. A lot of Ukrainians want to vacation in the Crimea.

Last night there were up to 300-400 people in the town of Armyansk, where it took four hours to cross the border, and the numbers considerably increased through the week. In general, I agree with the Crimean authorities that this season is going to be record-breaking, thanks to Ukraine as well.

A tenth of Crimean vacationers come from the Ukraine, Andrei Kozenko, the peninsula’s deputy speaker, told RIA Novosti.

“About 1,200,000 people have already visited the Crimea, 10% of which are Ukrainians. The dynamics are quite positive,” – Kozenko stated. “Apart from people from the Donetsk and Lugansk areas who traditionally come to the Crimea,  people from Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporozhe, Odessa, Kherson and other regions of Ukraine also visit the peninsula.” Kozenko is sure that the number of people who spend their vacations in the Crimea will increase day by day.

P.S. I often hear this Ukrainian speech, and not only from those who come here. It’s remarkable that apparently no one except me is paying attention. Today I overheard a Ukrainian family talking to each other. They kept trying to switch to Russian, but it seemed difficult for them to find words and they sounded ridiculous. Dear fellow countrymen, don’t be shy. People here accept everyone. No one will offend you, or look askance at you. Just relax and have fun.

P.P.S. I often talk to Ukrainians who come here for a short visit, and most of them say that as soon as they cross the border, their mind relaxes; they don’t feel any pressure, and just want to stretch and fall asleep, peacefully and without worries.  

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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