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Ukrainians Can Now Travel to EU Visa-Free, But Only as Tourists

Tourists welcome. Workers not so much

Good news. Three years and a half after Ukraine tore itself apart to please the EU the latter has finally thrown a bone its way. Ukrainians may now travel to EU visa-free.

As long as they own a biometric passport and won't stay longer than 90 days. In other words, as long as they're traveling as tourists wanting to spend money in the EU, rather than as workers trying to earn it.

Maidan civil war? Totally worth it!

Radio Free Europe:

European Union member states endorsed visa liberalization for Ukraine on May 11, clearing the final hurdle for Ukrainian citizens to travel to the EU's Schengen Area without a visa.

Representatives of the European Council and the European Parliament are now expected to rubber-stamp the decision in Strasbourg on May 17, with the visa-free regime due to enter into force on June 11.

The decision will apply to all Ukrainian citizens who have biometric passports. They will be able to enter all EU member states apart from Ireland and the United Kingdom for up to 90 days during any 180-day period.

It also applies to the four Schengen-area countries that are not in the EU: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

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