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Poland Considers Building a Wall - Against Ukrainians

Attitudes towards Ukrainians - their fellow "Europeans" - are worse than towards Muslims

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a Polish political scientist and director of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis

The "Eurodream" is still being fed to Ukrainians, but they know their failed state, this "wild field" controlled by oligarchical groups, is never going to become a member of the EU. 

<figcaption>Don't give me your tired, your poor...</figcaption>
Don't give me your tired, your poor...

In Eastern Europe, Ukrainian  immigrants significantly outnumber migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. In Poland alone there are more than 2 million migrant laborers with Ukrainian passports that local authorities call refugees in arguments with the EU. 

Between January and November 2015,  706,000 Ukrainians received work permits. The migrant wave has also hit Hungary and the Czech Republic and is reaching the borders of Germany. Europeans are apprehensive that within three years after the visa may be abolished, there will be 5 to 8 million Ukrainians in the EU.

The "Eurodream" has not come true in Ukraine, so Ukrainians are leaving for Europe. Working under slave conditions, not being paid for months at a time, Ukrainians are denied the social benefits that immigrants from Libya, Syria, or Afghanistan receive immediately upon arrival. Yet Kiev keeps the "Eurodream" alive.

Realizing the collapse of the Ukrainian economy could lead to disastrous consequences for the EU, the Chairman of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, announced that the European Commission will review the decision to cancel Ukrainian visa requirements next month, coinciding with a Dutch referendum on the ratification of the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine on April 6th.

Unable to cope with the hundreds of thousands of migrants from Arab countries, the Dutch are reluctant to accept additional migrants from Ukraine. A firm “no” would be equivalent to nixing Ukraine's association bid; yet the Commission realizes that to deny Ukrainians their "Eurodream" is to deprive the Ukrainian government of legitimacy, and the idea of replacing Poroshenko is out of the question as Washington increasingly distances itself from the problem. 

As European politicians hesitate to abolish the visa, increasing numbers of Ukrainians are obtaining "Polish cards" that supposedly prove they have Polish origins, entitling them to residence permits valid in the Schengen zone. This 2,000 Euro ”service" includes forged documents and the waiving of Polish consular interviews, allowing the ‘best and the brightest” Banderisti to flood into Europe. (Meanwhile, a Ukrainian passport can be purchased for next to nothing by Middle Eastern or Northern African citizens.) 
As the Balkan corridors are closed, abolishing the visa regime with Ukraine would allow entry to Europe through there.  The Polish parliament is considering building a wall on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

If the European Commission gives into pressure from Kiev and Washington, granting Ukrainian citizens visa-free entry, it will lead to a new wave of public protests, since Europeans have a worse attitude towards Ukrainians than towards Muslim immigrants.

But the most frightening thing is that Ukrainians realize that they have nowhere to go. No one is waiting for them in Europe, the US, or Canada. Their "Eurodream" is turning out to be a fantasy and a fraud. 

The politicians in Kiev also have nowhere to run. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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