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Ukrainian Patriots Dream of Becoming an Overseas Territory of US

Most Russians recovered from the illusion they were under 25 years ago, but some Ukrainians never have.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This fabulous quote by a prominent Ukrainian media executive came to us from a popular anti-Maidan Ukrainian blogger, Yurasumy, who wrote: “Here’s a new obsession. Their dream is not  an independent Ukraine but a territory under US rule. They hope it will happen, because otherwise it will be the end for them.  They can’t do anything on their own. 

The former Editor-in-Chief of the RBC-Ukraine Information Systems, and the author of the ‘Kiev Vlast’ project, Anton Podlutsky, has this to say:

When they refer to American curators in one institution or another, what they mean is auditors. These people observe and try to understand our rotten but hardy post-Soviet feudal model. I don’t know whether the next inhabitant of the White House will want to get involved in this long-term complicated project, which I call “The US overseas federal district of Ukraine”. But I want to believe in it, because in a global world we are simply objects who can’t possibly have any other master. Brussels is impotent, and besides, the European Union has its own problems. China is a consumer-oriented model that considers us only as territories and resources (with all due respect to Beijing). So who’s left? The US.  

Reading this, I had a strong sense of deja-vu. In the fall of 1991, when the collapse of the USSR had not yet been predetermined, I wrote an article for an influential Russian newspaper entitled, “The Center Didn’t Disappear. It Moved to the West”, that was promptly reprinted by the Financial Times.

It reflected a very popular mood as the Russians were getting increasingly desperate with both the reformist Soviet government of Gorbachev and the liberal reformist Russian government of Boris Yeltsin. Just imagine an English leader standing next to the British one and the only aspiration each has is to undermine the other! How long would the United Kingdom survive?

In despair over their irresponsible rulers as well as their own helplessness, the Soviets put all their hopes on what was seen then as the supreme authority, the West, inviting them to rule over us selflessly, for our own benefit.

They came as government consultants, occupying the offices of the former Central Committee of the Communist Party, whence they ruled over us with a blueprint for devastating liberal economic reform. Only a miracle saved us from a terminal descent into third worldism, and since then, Russians have been learning to rely on themselves.

Our only excuse is that we were just emerging from behind the Iron Curtain and knew very little about how the western world works. What is truly amazing is that 25 years later, and with Russians having their own experience to rely on, an influential Ukrainian journalist should be repeating the same rubbish as those who destroyed the state just to sign a largely symbolic Ukraine-EU association agreement that was postponed for several months.

Human stupidity knows no bounds.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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