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Ukrainian Nazis are Terrorizing the Ethnically Russian Region Next to Crimea (Video - Russian TV News)

Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar and other assorted government sponsored terrorists are causing mayhem in Kherson region


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Residents in Southeastern Ukraine are getting ready to take armed action against militants ravaging their homeland.

Unrest in Kherson region began 3 months ago as Crimean-Tatar, Right Sector, Aidar battalion and other assorted militants kicked off The so called 'Crimea Blockade', causing Crimea every kind of possible trouble.

They cut off Crimea’s water supply, their food supply and then came the lights, yet Russia managed to deal with all that, making the bad guys seem like bullying burros in the process.

Another desperate move was an attempt at a naval blockade.

With successes amounting to zero, the blockade’s organizers got bored and began terrorizing citizens in Kherson region. Looting, stealing, extorting, kidnapping, raping, beating people with baseball bats... All in a militant day's work.

The police are too scared to get involved with the mess, even Special (Spetsnaz) forces have to be called in just to protect police officers.

That should not surprise - the sponsors behind the freak show include such shady characters like Erdogan’s buddy Lenur Islyamov and Poroshenko himself claiming that he coordinates the whole mess.



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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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