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Scared Ukrainian Interior Minister Scrambling to Delete Facebook Posts Attacking Trump

These Washington-backed lackeys are shaking in their boots right now

Hard times have come for the Ukrainian political leadership with Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election.

For example, Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, was pushed to delete a Facebook post (created on July 31), calling Donald Trump a ‘dangeroous misfit’ because of Trump’s attitude over the Russian peninsula of Crimea. Avavok also deleted a high number of posts written between July 27 and August 17.

<figcaption>Interior Minister Arsen Avakov / Photo by UNIAN</figcaption>
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov / Photo by UNIAN

In coming months, the Kiev authorities that had clearly supported Hillary Clinton will make a series of attempts to explain to the new US president why he’s needed to support a failed state run by corruptionists in eastern Europe. It looks like hate of Russia will not be a good enough reason.

The original post by Arsen Avakov:

Trump’s statement about a possibility to consider recognition of Russia’s Crimea is a diagnosis of a dangerous misfit.

He’s dangerous for Ukraine and the US. The misfit, conniving to the Putin dictatorship, cannot be a guarantor of democracy in the US and around the world.

[Paul] Manafort worked with Yanukovich. Now he’s a head of Trump’s headquater… Yanukovich fled to Russia through Crimea. Where would Manafort lead Trump?

Source: South Front
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