Ukrainian Governor Casts Spell on Putin in Pagan-like Nationalist Rite (Video)

“How do normal people survive in the Ukraine?!” quipped famous Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin upon seeing this video

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There must be some evil spell spread in the air of the Kherson region in the south of Ukraine. First it was a mayor of a small town who compared the Russian President to a supreme creature who descended upon Ukraine from on high.

Now the region’s governor finds himself at the centre of a pagan-style ceremony of exorcising the sprit of Putin. “Putin, surrender!” he shouts with the crowd of patriots into the thin air.

The Kherson region, in fact, is the region bordering the Crimea, and it is exactly the place where radical Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar nationalists are staging all sorts of blockades on food, energy, etc. Of course, the locals of Kherson are the first to suffer from severing ties with the Crimea.

Reason enough to go insane!

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