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Ukraine's Klimkin Confirms Minsk Agreements Are Dead (Video)

The Kiev regime's foreign minister states outright it is not going to comply with the peace agreement coup president Poroshenko signed in Minsk

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In a not so shocking admission, Pavlo Klimkin, the foreign minister appointed by the regime in Kiev, admitted that his government has no intention of abiding by the Minsk peace agreements designed to end the civil war between pro-western regime forces and and separatists in Ukraine's devastated Donbass region.

Speaking about the Minsk Agreement, Klimkin told Tim Sebastian of Deutsche Welle that "we are not going to move forward on that."

The diminutive Klimkin's previous claim to fame was publicly groping and groveling to US ambassador Samantha Power at the United Nations - something which is pretty illustrative of the real relationship between Washington and its nascent vassal Kiev.

The reason the statement comes as no surprise, is because the government of Petro Poroshenko has done nothing to fulfill the requirements of the latest agreement, Minsk II, signed in February 2015 between the Ukrainian government and the separatists, with Germany, France and Russia acting as guarantors. 

Under the agreement, Kiev is required to cease shelling of Donetsk and other rebel areas, provide a framework for local elections in rebel areas which Kiev will recognize, and pass a law providing for autonomy in the rebel-controlled areas. 

Poroshenko has done none of this. The reason is undoubtedly the tens of thousands of radical nationalist militia under arms in Ukraine, including neo-Nazis such as Azov Battalion and Right Sector, who have openly stated they will depose Poroshenko if he complies with the peace deal. 

Faced with this reality, as well as Ukraine's utterly collapsed economy after it cut most trade ties with Russia, Poroshenko can do little to prolong his teetering presidency but persist with 'chicken little' propaganda that Russia is somehow to blame and an imminent threat - which thankfully the world has largely tired of listening to. 

Ukraine's economy went into steady decline after independence from the USSR in 1991. It recovered in the 2000s, but tanked after the 2014 Maidan coup

At the beginning of the year Poroshenko's popularity among Ukrainians was already in the teens, and based on my sources in Ukraine, has probably sunk to single digits by now. 

In August, Russian forces defeated an armed incursion into Crimea by the Kiev regime, which was detailed to carry out terrorist attacks against civilian infrastructure on the peninsula. The regime has established links to ISIS and Islamic terrorism, so this maneuver, clearly designed to kill Minsk II, was right up their sleeve. 

The would-be terror attacks were planned by the Ukrainian security service, the SBU. Since the 2014 Maidan coup, the SBU has essentially been run as an arm of the US Central Intelligence Agency. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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