Ukraine Is Ripping Itself Apart in a Renewed Fit of Schizophrenic Insanity (VIDEO)

For hate's sake - and for the sake of power - Poroshenko and his allies are willing to risk irreparable damage to Ukraine's industrial base

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Ukraine has launched a renewed offensive to try to recapture separatist-held Donbass, in a desperate attempt to force Washington and Brussels to double down with more money and support.

Bandera-occupied Ukraine is in the grip of a new bout of insanity, launching a new round of purges of everything "Russian" -- including International Labor Day (May 1st) and International Women's Day (March 8th).

In Kiev, Ukrainian Nazis desecrated a Polish cemetery. Warsaw has backed the anti-Russian Kiev regime up to this point.

Their Russophobia is apparently so extreme, they are willing to endanger the entire industry of the country to kill a few more Russian-speakers. A factory caught in the crossfire near Avdeevka produces 30% of the country's coke. The next hit on the plant could cause a shut down - which in turn would shut down 1/3 of Ukraine's metallurgical production. That would represent a loss to Kiev of hundreds of millions of dollars.

One supposes they think the West will cover the bill. They have given Kiev a blank cheque so far. 

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