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Ukraine to Resell Russian Electricity to Poland at Double Price

Ukraine which itself is a net electricity importer will export electricity to Poland at twice the rate it pays itself for Russian power

KIEV, August 19 (TASS) - In the framework of aid to Poland, the power engineering sector of which has been hit by an anomalous heatwave, Ukraine will sell electricity to that country at 7.5 eurocents per 1 kwh, the National Commission for Energy and Utilities said on Wednesday.

Operators of Polish and Ukrainian power grids signed an agreement on August 17 on supplies of electricity to Poland. The national operator of power grids, Ukrenergo, says the maximum size of Poland’s emergency need for electricity is 235 megawatts.

Experts say 7.5 eurocents per 1 kwh is high enough a price. It stands in a marked contrast to the 3.68 eurocents per 1 kwh, which the Minister of Energy and Coalmines Vladimir Demchishin named to TASS somewhat earlier as the price of purchasing electric power from Russia.

Exports of Ukrainian electricity to Russia from January through to June 2015 totaled 0.8 million kwh, while in the same period of last year no such exports took place.

At the same time, Ukraine imported 1.393 billion kwh of electricity from Russia. The exports in June alone totaled 2.8 million kwh.

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