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Ukraine to Remove Memorial Plaque to Soviet General Who Liberated It (Georgy Zhukov)

Post-Maidan Ukraine has found an inventive reason why it should stop honoring the great Soviet marshal who liberated it from the Nazis

Originally appeared at Russia Beyond the Headlines

The Svobodnaya Pressa newspaper reports that Kiev's mayor's office soon intends to dismantle 79 memorial plaques from the Soviet period under a de-Communization law. A plaque dedicated to Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov on the Ukrainian Defense Ministry building is on the list of objects to be liquidated.

"During the Civil War in Russia Zhukov participated in the repressions of several peasant insurrections (1920-1922). Military criminal," said the city authorities, explaining their decision.

"All sorts of things took place during the civil war," said Mikhail Myagkov, scientific director of the Russian military-historical society. "But no one fought against any nationality since it was a social war between the rich and the poor. It is nonsense that Zhukov fought against the simple folk. Zhukov fought for the Soviet government."

"And actually, he did a lot for Ukraine," he continued. "When we speak about how long the heroic defense of Ukraine's capital lasted, we must first of all remember Zhukov, who was general at the time and fought in the southwest. And after the death of General Batunin at the hands of the Ukrainian nationalists led by Stepan Bandera Zhukov headed the first Ukrainian front. It is thanks to him that a significant part of right-bank Ukraine was liberated."

"The current Ukrainian government wants to erase from the people's memory everything that doesn't suit the authors of the new ideology – the ideology of Ukrainianism," said Igor Shatrov, deputy director of the National Institute of the Development of Modern Ideology and political analyst.

"They are ready to rewrite history from the very beginning in order to show "the special destiny" of the Ukrainian people, which after "centuries of suffering, ordeals and deprivations, finally obtained its freedom," he said.

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